Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs

Sports teams use various tools not only to motivate the players but also the fans to come in and cheer for the team. The job is mainly performed by cheerleaders but another important part of the team is the mascot. The mascot is generally a slightly comic adaptation of an animal which is seen at games creating excitement amongst the fans.

Generally these are loveable characters. However, the design always does not go according to the plan, from how people receive it. There have been some weird looking mascots around in various sports.


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    Hip Hop the Rabbit

    It is an odd looking rabbit that cheers for the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team. The mascot generally performs various tricks as well with the ball. It is said to be in the process of being replaced though.

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    Blue Blob

    It is the secondary mascot for the Xavier University and gives a potato like shape, albeit in blue colour. It is often seen at sporting events of the university.

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    The duck and lion like mascot represents the Montreal Canadians in the NHL. The mascot has previously represented other teams as well.

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    Stinger has found his way even on the player jerseys. He has been the mascot for the Columbus Blue Jackets since 2000, the same year the team came to NHL.

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    The 1996 Atlanta Olympics Games mascot did not sit well with everyone. An over-sized head and big eyes were certainly not found to be attractive by most.

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    It is the mascot for the NHL team Buffalo Sabres. The mascot has an appearance like the sabre-tooth of olden times when none of us was around.

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    Phillie Phanatic

    The mascot was first seen in 1978 for the Philadelphia Phillies. It originates from the Galapagos Islands. The cute looking mascot has been a part of some accidents in the last 35 years though.

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    Rowdy has been the mascot for the Dallas Cowboys since 1996. It is a relatively weird looking boy. The fans love him and that is what matters the most.

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  • 9

    The Banana Slug

    This alien like creature with long antenna like ears is the official mascot for the UC Santa Cruz since 1986. It’s kind of questionable as to what kind of taste the students would be having who voted for the mascot.

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  • 10


    It’s a bit of Robocop meats Daffy Duck, in a bad way. It is the mascot of University of Oregon’s Duck Athlete program. They can certainly do a better job the next time.

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