Turnpike Lane Tube Station London

Turnpike Lane station, the tube station serving Piccadilly Line, is the one of the first underground tube stations of London underground and it serves fare card zone 3, being opened back in 1932. Turnpike Lane Tube Station has an excellent architectural design and is located on Turnpike Lane of Westbury Avenue. The approach of the station is provided via different locations that include Green Lanes & Langham Road, High Road & Wellington Corner, and Turnpike Lane & Duckett’s Common. This ease of access is coupled by the fact that the station provides facilities for partially sighted and blind people, along with the assistance of dogs. Apart from this, the station also provides staff services to help passengers in case they need it.
People who are heading towards Turnpike Lane Tube Station or living nearby the station and want to know about the important places located near Turnpike Lane Tube Station can have a view of the following list of step by step places within the vicinity of Turnpike Lane Tube Station.


  • 1

    Restaurants & Coffee Shops
    If anyone wants to satisfy his/her appetite after a long tube journey, or want a cup of coffee to freshen up their mind and body, they can visit one of the restaurants and coffee shops located close to the tube.

    Jai Shri Krishna, Jashan, Khin Lee & Penang Satay House

    Coffee shops:
    Double Apple, Cafe Station &  Tugra Baklava

  • 2

    Clubs & Bars
    People who need a fun place to socialize and get drinks to relax can find a club and a few bars  near Turnpike Lane Tube Station within 1 mile distance.


    The Salisbury, The Toll Gate & The Green Gate Pub

  • 3

    Hotels & Accommodation

    For visitors in Turnpike Lane Tube Station who need to stay overnight and want a place near Turnpike Lane Tube Station, the list below will help in finding the perfect accommodation place at great prices!

    Athena Palace Hotel & The Salisbury

    Crompton Court Serviced Apartments

    The White Lodge Hotel &  Nepal Holiday

  • 4

    Sights and Attractions
    Different sights and attractions play an integral role in easing out the stresses of life. These can be in the form of parks, grounds and other relaxing places which people can visit, and this is why many of them can be found around the tube.

    EasyDosh, Ducketts Common, Noel Park, Downhills Park &  Belmont Recreation Ground

  • 5

    Educational Institutes
    A few colleges, schools and universities can be located within a mile's range of the tube, providing quality education that is within the reach of every person.

    ESTL School of English. Language School North London, Unity College, One-Tech (uk), Innovation In Community Education & Athena College of Professional Studies

  • 6

    Gift & Bookshops
    If you want to buy a special gift for someone, or are looking to buy some books, then there are a few book and gift shops that come within the vicinity of Turnpike Lane Tube Station and are within 1 mile distance.

    Gift shops:
    Maplin, Gift Everything &  Just Write

    Book shop:
    Big Green Bookshop & WHSmith

  • 7

    Health & Beauty Services
    For health conscious people who want to remain physically fit, there are gyms working in close vicinity of the tube. And in case you're beauty conscious and want to look good, you can visit one of the beauty salons mentioned below.

    Flex Fitness Health Club &  Fitness First

    The Body Shop, House Of Beauty &  Ross Elizabeth

  • 8

    Emergency Services
    If anyone feels threatened because of any sort of crime, or need some other help in emergency, you can contact the following police stations which can be found near Turnpike Lane Tube Station.

    Metropolitan Police Service, Hornsey Police Station &  Saint Ann's Road Police Station

  • 9

    Hospitals & clinics
    People who want a regular medical checkup for themselves or their family, or need some specialist's appointment can contact the following hospitals and clinics which take pride in having quality doctors.

    St Ann's Hospital & NHS Haringey

    Nomad Travel Store and Clinics, Millennium Dental Practice & Levy Roger

  • 10

    Shopping Malls
    Having a good shopping mall close to where you frequently travel is a God's blessing. This is why you should definitely go and visit The Mall Wood Green to get things of your daily needs!

    The Mall Wood Green

  • 11

    Childcare Centres

    Childcare Centres are for parents who are working, or need to do some important work while someone takes care of their children while they are away. You need to contact the following child care and day care centres that are located within 1 mile distance from Turnpike Lane Tube Station in such a situation.

    Sugar Tops, Burghley Road under 5's Community Centre, Adventure Land Day Nursery, New Age Childcare Services, African Carribean Day Nursery &  North London Rudolf Steiner School

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