Types of Taxi Services in Dubai

Dubai is a metropolitan city that offers variety in everything it has. From the amazing skyscrapers, modern clubs and lavish bars to the diverse cuisines – it has all the colors of life. This same variety can be seen in taxis too. Ever seen a pink roofed taxi driving down Dubai’s road? What are those? And what are the cream colored ones for?

A large portion of Dubai’s transport relies on taxis since there aren’t a lot of buses or tram stations. These taxis are driven by expatriates as well as locals. Some are government controlled while others are privately operated. This guide has more information regarding the types of taxis that keep the roads of Dubai busy all through the days and nights.

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    Ladies Taxis

    Let us first distinguish between cream colored taxis and the ones which have colored roofs. Cream colored taxis are government owned and are generally considered the safest.

    However, out of the taxis that have roofs in different colors, the ones in pink are called Ladies taxis. These are driven by women and are considered safe for female passengers and families.

    Ladies taxi dubai
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    Airport Taxis

    These are parked at the airport and are ready to pick passengers from there. They can either be pre-booked before you land in Dubai, to avoid any inconvenience, or you can take one when you get to the airport.

    However, all taxi services charge more for pick ups and drops at the airport as opposed to an ordinary street.

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    Public Taxis

    These are normal taxis that you will mostly see on the roads of Dubai. They’re easily distinguished because of their red-roof, and are equally easy to use on inter-city routes. There may also be some advertising on the doors or bumpers.

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    Special Needs Taxi

    These are custom-designed taxis keeping the luxury and comfort of passengers in mind. There is an option to reserve these taxis 24 hours prior to using them, and they are easily distinguished by their special needs logo icon.

    special needs taxi

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