Update on Google’s CEO’s Health

The Chief Executive of Google will be sidelining from two high profiled events due to his bad health. The news of his absence has startled the employees, but he has reassured them that there is nothing serious. The 39-year-old Larry Page postponed the meeting which was suppose to take place on the 21st of June, after losing his voice.  Later on Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt informed the attendees about his health.

The news of his illness on Thursday was not a shock until Friday, when it was revealed that Page will not be able to attend the major two events including the Google’s Annual Developer conference; though on Thursday Page emailed his employees that there is “nothing seriously wrong with me,”

The company is not revealing any comments on his health, but they have made this point certain that Page will continue running Google’s business, he is just told to rest his voice.

The shareholders and others to whom it may concerned raised several questions due to his prolonged absence, on the other hand the experts of corporate governance says that in the nonattendance of Larry Page, Google is tend to face massive pressure.

During Pages’ illness on Friday the 22nd of June 2012, Google’s share price rose to $571.48, which is 1.1 percent.

Several years ago the similar kind of issue was seen when the Apple Inc was criticized for not revealing the health situation of their CEO Steve Jobs who died in October 2011.

Though the example of Steve Jobs death is a perfect example to criticize the officials for not revealing the news of Page’s health, still people cannot jump to a harsh conclusion.

The majority control of Schmidt, Larry Page and co-founder Brin Sergey, over the internet company is the essential reason why they have such huge significance.

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