Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Dubai Overview

Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Satwa Dubai is known for granting wild experience to tourists. Their outclass arrangements of land and sea adventures will give a life time experience. One of the most admired activities are arranged by the management of Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Satwa Dubai. Due to the secure precautionary measurements, people prefer getting involved in various activities especially wind surfing.

Besides water sports, several land based activities are also arranged that includes golf event, and desert tours. You will certainly enjoy the overnight camping in the desert. If you wish to acquire further details about Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Satwa Dubai, then the guide given below will help you in planning a worth remembering trip.


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    Along with sea excursions, you will be given a chance to enjoy the wild experience organized by Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Satwa Dubai’s management on the land.

    Golf lessons are arranged, and tourists are given a chance of self-driving tours.

    Trip of camel safaris is organized.

    A proper and safe arrangement of overnight desert camping is also scheduled.

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    Operational Time:

    From Sunday to Thursday Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Satwa Dubai remains open between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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    How to Contact:

    If you wish to experience the windsurfing sport organized by the Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Satwa Dubai, then contact them on the number cited as follow:

    Contact: +971 4 345 4504

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    Dune Centre Al Diyafah Rd. Satwa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    How to Get to Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Satwa Dubai:

    By Bus:

    Jumeira Rotana Hotel 1 is the nearest bus stop which is 93 meters away from the Voyagers Xtreme Dune Centre Satwa Dubai, by walk it will take 60 seconds to cover the required distance. The routes that make a stop here are 7 from Quoz, Irani Clinic 1, C10 from Hamriya Port, Control Tower Terminus 2 and C15 from Hamriya Port,Control Tower Terminus 2.

    From the Al Diyafah St/D 73 head towards southeast on 8 A St. Keep on walking until you cover the required distance. For a detail view of the route take a look at this Link.

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