What Does a Random Orbit Sander Do

A random orbit sander is an important equipment in wood carpenter’s finishing supplies. It is different from a belt sander, since it allows more precision in finishing, does not leave any scratches and above all, removes less material off the a wood product surface. It is a hand-held but powered either through a battery power or an AC outlet.

The sander is designed in a way that allows smoother surface than a belt sander can give. The use of a random sander will be required even after you use a belt sander, because the latter removes more material off the wood surface and leaves scratches.


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    A random orbit sander is different from a belt sander. It is designed to remove less material and give more precision and finish. The sander removes less material off the wood surface and is designed to plain or even the surface at once.

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    It is a hand-held sander, but powered by either battery or directly connected to the AC outlet. The power connection and management option depends on the work it is required for. At places where the main power supply cannot be reached, battery option is the best.

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    The random orbit sander is designed in a way that it plains or evens the wood surface and giving it smoother touch at the same time. Since no piece of wood passes through the sander twice, it does not leave any room for scratches, which are the most often case in the use of belt sander.

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    Use of random orbit sander is required even if you use the belt sander. Even after the use of belt sander, scratches are left on the surface of the wood. It removes a higher quantity of wood off the surface and therefore leaves scratches and other marks on the surface, although it is quicker than a random sander in finishing a product. It is better to use random sander if you want smoother surfaces.

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    The random sander is also effective in use of paint removal off the furniture or uneven paint off the walls. It can be used in removal of stuff off the materials such as these. For example, if you joined two parts of wood together and see a considerable rough area around them, you can use the random orbit sander and it will do the job of smoothening the joint perfectly.

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