What Does an Auction Listing Agent Do

Also known as trading agent, an auction listing agent actually works as a bridge between the clients and the auction sites. An auction agent first of all contacts the person who wants to sell his/her property, and then present it to the auction companies.

It requires no investment to become an auction agent. The job is all about having healthy contacts. It is a little risky though, because in case of any issue, the agent would be held responsible both by the client and the purchaser.

The auction listing agents do make plenty of money and the service is ideal for those who want to sell valuable items online, but don’t know how to start. The job of an online auction listing agent become very hectic sometimes.

The auctions sites occasionally offer official programs for the trading assistants, but mostly the agent and the customer work out all the details on their own. If you have sold anything through an agency before, you must be very familiar to the job of an auction listing agent.


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    The agent first of all opens a seller’s account with different auction services. There are no fixed rules, because every auction website or company may have entirely different requirements for a seller’s account.

    It is very important for the agent to have an online payment account, so he/she collects selling fees once the item is sold. An agent is also required to have business references, because no auction site accepts any deal without it.

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    The auction listing agent builds reputation slowly. No website accepts any major deal from an agent, who does not have any prior selling experience. The agent is bound to complete each transaction promptly to earn positive feedback.

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    The auction companies rate the agents by analysing their feedback. If you are looking for an agent, make sure his/her feedback score is at least 100, with 98 percent positive feedback.

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    It is hard to keep this as a part-time profession, because the auction companies demand at least 10 deals within the first three months.

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    The trading agent offers a lengthy contract to the clients at the time of selling. Nobody should sign the contract without reading it thoroughly. There is no shortage of scams in this field, therefore one should always sell the items to a reputed and experienced agent.

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