What is a Business License Used For

Individual entrepreneurs can start a private business such as opening a pharmacy, a travel agency, organizing a company for the transportation of goods by road, air, sea or rail lines. They can only get a go ahead after obtaining a business license.

All these activities are licensed and can only be carried out after obtaining a special permit. The license itself is given only after the official registration according to the state laws. To open a business, you need to create your company or obtain a certificate of the private entrepreneur.


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    Write an application for state registration of individual entrepreneurs in the prescribed form. The form of the statement can either be taken from the tax office in your city or can be downloaded from the Internet for your ease. There are also special companies that are engaged in the preparation of documents for the registration of businesses or enterprises. Usually, one of them can be found next to the Tax Inspectorate. Sign the statement, signed by a notary reassure.

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    Make a copy of your passport. If you apply in person, only a simple copy is required. If you are sending documents by mail or acting through an agent, you need to be notarized to assure a copy.

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    Pay the state fee for registration. Find details of the payment and print the payment document you visit the official website of the Tax Inspectorate of the Federation or state complying all the rules and regulations.

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    Submit the application, passport and receipt at tax office at the desired location prescribed by the government. If you apply in person or by proxy, you will be given a receipt for the papers and arrange the date of issue registration documents. The registration procedure lasts no more than 5 working days in most cases.

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    After submitting all the documents and waiting until they call you for the confirmation of the process, you will be given a package of documents confirming your registration which may include certificate of state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur, a certificate (or notice) of the identification number of the taxpayer (TIN), an extract from EGRIP (Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs).

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