What Is a Clip Bond and How do They Work

A clip bond is a fitting between two set face bricks, one diagonal and one horizontal. The bricks are cut at 45 degree from inside corners with a brick saw to create a v-shape. This makes the two face bricks fit together and bond is inserted to strengthen the joint. There are a number of  ways in which you can fit a brick in the construction industry, and although clip bond is not as popular a method as some others, like wire bond,  it is one of the most effective ones that adds the elements of durability and precision in the joints.


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    The clip bond is used to join two bricks in the corner, while creating a v-shape. This is done by cutting the bricks from inside corners with a bricks saw carefully, and then bond is fixed to strengthen the joint.

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    The bricks are cut at about 45 degree with the bricks saw while holding the bricks with a dye or something that minimizes the risk of breaking of the bricks.

    A V shape is created to make the diagonal and horizontal bricks fit together, giving  precision and durability to the joint.

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    The clip bond is required for joining the two set face bricks in the corners, or any other such place, where a joint has to be created for the sake of design.

    It is up to a contractor to decide if the clip bond joint will be suitable for the place or any other bond i.e. wire bond.

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    The joint shape is created by cutting the bricks by either the brick saw or any other relevant tool. Both bricks have to be cut at about 45 degree inside, but it is not necessary that remaining length of the bricks have to be the same. One brick can be longer than other.

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    While joining two set face bricks with a clip bond make sure you do not compromise on the quality aspect. You can avoid clip bond joints at areas which might not be suitable for this, and require a joint that is more durable than a clip bond fitting. It varies from area to area. For example, bricks at places near the rooftop have to be secured tightly and you should be able to determine if the clip bond fitting is the right option for joining bricks at that place.

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