What Is a Differential Temperature Controller

A differential temperature controller is a controller that is installed in water and space heating infrastructure and controls temperature responses automatically. For example, it regulates temperature from energy supply i.e. solar panel to water heater. When the water is hot to a pre-programmed level, it switches off the power connection to heater, and after cooling of the water to a level, it automatically switches on the source of the power supply. It regulates temperature according to responses, and activates and deactivates equipment accordingly.


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    A differential temperature controller is a mechanism that controls temperatures of a water or space heater by activating or deactivating the heaters according to the temperature responses. Once the temperature goes up to a required level, the controller deactivates the source of energy i.e. solar panel and when the temperature goes down because of excessive use of water, as hot water is consumed and cold water is filled in the heater, it activates the heater again.

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    A differential temperature controller is run automatically through sensors which allow it to activate and deactivate the water heaters depending on the temperature level. The sensors respond according to the difference in temperature; if cold the heater is activated and if hot the heater is deactivated.

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    The method is used at home water heating systems, especially where they have centralized heating and cooling system. The temperature is controlled through hot water pipelines that run through the floor and walls of the house. In case of increasing the room temperature, the need for hot water is increased and this requires controller to activate the heater.

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    A differential temperature control mechanism is also used in industrial setting. The basic of controller functioning is the same and the entire mechanism is controlled through a thermostat and sensors. In industrial setting, since the water consumption is greater than water need of a house, the temperature controllers are more sophisticated.

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    A differential temperature controller is used in for years. However, the latest systems are sophisticated ones, and work in all mechanisms of water heating systems. For example, modern temperature controller work for solar water heaters. Still, their basic function is the same that is to automatically control and regulate temperature based on responses within a mechanism.

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