What Is a Flexible Circuit and How Does It Work

A flexible circuit is one of the processes used in electronics manufacturing industry. There are two types of circuits, printed circuit boards and flexible circuit boards. Printed circuit boards refer to a copper sheets platform, which is made out of lamination of copper sheets together for component wiring. On the other hand, a flexible circuit board is made of plastic sheets known as polyamide film. The film can be run with flexible circuit. A flexible electronic circuit is used in manufacturing all electronic consumer goods such as mobile phones, and others.


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    The common use of flexible circuit is in electronics consumer goods manufacturing industry. The same is the case with printed circuit, but both are used to perform different functions.. One is used for common wiring component, while the other for running with flexible circuit.

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    Flexible and printed circuit boards are used in manufacturing different electronic products. However, a flexible printed circuit is also used, in fact more commonly without any negative impact, in small consumer goods such as cameras and mobile phones.

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    The use of flexible printed circuit has become more popular since consumer demand for light weight cameras and mobile phones has increased. This form of flexible circuit allows formation of smaller packages that reduce the weight of the products, especially mobile phone handsets and cameras, to almost nothing.

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    Flexible printed circuit board is also commonly used for some industrial purposes. For example, it is a widely used process where there is not much space for printed circuit boards. Solar cell for satellites is one of the most common industries where flexible printed circuits are used. There are many other similar industries where this process is used. It, in fact, is being preferred over others now as it is more feasible in case of space and cost. It does not require as many layers as does the printed board, which therefore also takes more space.

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    The use of flexible circuit has gained edge over other circuits because of its flexibility in packaging. For example, a flexible circuit used in a mobile phone runs through the entire handset, allowing the user to dial the number and make calls and when the handset is not in use, it folds itself inside the handset. Obviously, the user is not aware of this change taking place.

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