What Is a Manual Hoist and How It Works

A manual hoist is one of many types of hoists that are operated with hand and used in lifting and transporting heavy objects for a very short distance. A manual hoist is a combination of chains, ropes and pulleys that coordinate each other’s functions and the object is pulled up through the help or ropes or chains, which move in a smooth way on a wheel-like drum and are not tangled. The object can be loaded on and unloaded off a truck and moved to a place where it can be stocked safely.


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    A manual hoist is different from lifters and other mechanical hoists and is used for lifting and transporting heavy objects up to a very short distance. The hoist is used for loading and unloading transport goods or on the industrial floor, garages and other such places, where the objects do not have to be transported for a longer distance.

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    The hoist is a mechanical mechanism based on rope or a combination of chains, wheel-like drum on which the chain is operated, and pulleys. The chains move in a coordinated way, from smaller to larger pulleys and from larger to smaller pulleys, depending weather you have to lift or drop the object.

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    The mechanism works in a coordinated way that chains do get tangled into each other and pulleys remain intact, not matter how heavy the weight is. Similarly, the poles like a shape of tripod take all the weight of the object, while it is lifted and gently move to its stocking place.

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    The manual hoist, which is also referred as chain hoist, is in industrial use for years, in spite of the fact that there are more mechanically advanced methods for short-distance transportation of objects. For example, lifters are more commonly used in the industry than chain hoists now, but chain hoisting system is also in use very effectively.

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    One of the most common uses of chain hoists is in garages. For example, they are very handy in taking engine out of the vehicle and then taking it back in the slot after fixing. They have other similar uses, where the objects do not have to be moved to a farther distance. The safety record of these hoists is impressive and since they are not mechanically very sophisticated, their maintenance costs almost nothing. They work impressively well even in rusted conditions.

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    Although rope hoists can be used the way chain hoists work, they are not as durable as the chain ones. Also, the ropes are likely to get broken sooner than chains. This makes chain hoists a preferable choice for use. The basic function of all manual hoists is the same.

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