What Is a Slide Check and How To Use It

Slide check is a valve that is found in paintball marking systems. Its main use allows to vent gas out of a pressurized system without depressing the entire system. In addition to gas pipes and paintball marking system, its use in other tools is in nail guns and pressurized spray paint guns. The valve is either used us a single component or incorporated in dual component systems. The slide check is similar to the construction of quick-disconnect valve and there both can be incorporated in the same mechanism. Both mechanisms are equally effective.


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    The slide check valve system is as much in use as is the quick-disconnect mechanism. Since the function of both mechanisms is to allow venting of gas from pressurized systems without depressing the entire systems, both are effective and result-oriented. The slide-check valve is very popular in pipeline systems, which are often needed to be clear of gasses and it allows to do so without affecting the entire system.

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    The system is in use for years, not only in pipelines but in paintball, nail-guns and other such systems. In paintball for example it allows marking effectively. If debris interferes in the marking, a player quickly does the slide check and clear the debris. This allows marking of the paintball guns without any disturbance.

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    Generally, the slide checks are performed manually but increasing automation has allowed performance of this job through remote control systems. The valve can be accessed and depressurized from a far distance, and this allows the operator to perform the job effectively and without being present at the place the valve is installed.

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    The valve is generally used a single component, parallel to the quick-disconnect, which is basically same as slide check. However, slide-check can also be incorporated in the quick-disconnect mechanism. Both can work at the same time or as separate units, producing the same effect at the end. Both can also be replaced for each other if one system somehow stops functioning or reduces effectiveness.

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    The slide check systems have increased the time efficiency and resources saving level, because in pressurized environment, operators can quickly perform slide checks to vent gas from a system. Without this system, the entire system has to be depressed to allow the gas out of it, which is more time consuming and resource-wasting method. The slide check system is almost operated in all industries, especially where its requirement is greater.

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