What Is an Administrative Assistant’s Role In An Organization

Good administration is the backbone of any successful organization and if this element does not work in full coordination with other departments like finance, sales and marketing, things can go wrong and the organization may see trouble.

Administrative assistants are the key force in the organization’s administration and they are the ones who do not let the admin functions detail. Administrative assistant’s role is diverse as there are plenty of responsibilities that they carry out within an organization. There are many job descriptions that fall under Administrative assistant’s role such as secretaries of admin heads, people working at reception, account assistants whose core responsibilities is to ensure organization’s finance, accounts receivable and accounts payable.


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    Administrative management

    Administrative management is the key function of any organization (both for-profit and not-for-profit). Administrative management covers matters like managing equipment, fixed assets of the company and make sure that workers using them utilize in the most suitable and productive manner.

    Admin management revolves around planning, directing, coordinating and controlling all the functions in the management of the company. Admin assistants coordinate with administration’s senior managers and provide them with relevant feedback and information necessary for improving the efficiency of each department of the organization.

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    Assistance in production

    Administrative managers give the upper management of production a helping hand in production. Since operation is the key task in any organization and there are usually many employees working to keep the production in full flow. So, managing all the production issues can be hard and in order to guard against errors and ensure proper check and balance. Production assistants can find plenty of job opportunities in television and film production.

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    Business correspondence

    Business correspondence is usually handled by administrative assistants as huge organizations have to constantly keep in touch with their vendors, clients, investors, and other stakeholders. Admin assistants are usually responsible for creating business proposals, spreadsheets, sales letters, and news letters. Circulation of business correspondence is normally included in the core responsibilities of administrative assistants.

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    Meetings and interviews

    Arranging meetings and conducting interviews are among the core responsibilities of an administrative assistant. In large organizations where it is hard to manage different tasks with a limited workforce, HR (Human Resource) department often assigns administrative assistants to hold interviews. Admin assistants are usually given the responsibility to conduct initial interviews and screening of prospective employees.

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    Maintaining inventory

    Handling and maintaining inventory can become a very complex task at some organizations. In order to keep the production process run smoothly, administrative assistants are assigned the task to store, handle and management inventory.

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