What is Colitis and How do You Treat It

Colitis is a condition in which large intestine get inflamed. Sometimes, this problem can lead to severe condition and might develop into ulceration. In some cases, if the ulceration is infected, it can lead to release of pus or even blood. It is possible that you get colitis condition quickly for eating any food or otherwise. It is also possible that the problem is solved on its own after a couple of days. However, if it leads diarrhea, the condition of a person can be serious and in such cases colitis should be left untreated for a longer period of time.


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    The treatment of colitis needs as much care as it needs medicine. You can prevent yourself from getting colitis or prevent colitis getting into severe form through taking care in the food you consume and water you drink.

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    Dehydration Treatment

    Dehydration is one of the symptoms of colitis, and especially if it leads to diarrhea, the problem of dehydration can be serious. Therefore, you should get treated the dehydration problem. Taking glucose in water or use of boiled water is one of the solutions to treating dehydration. Increase in water intake or intake of juices and other drinks can help relieve the dehydration problem quickly, and if not you should visit your doctor immediately. Leaving dehydration untreated is risky in case of colitis and it can add to the level severity of the problem.

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    Colon Treatment

    The problem of colitis occurs because of inflammation in the colon area. Colon is treated through prescription drugs called aminosalicylates. This is their generic name but they come in different brand names. Generally colon drugs work very slowly and can take some time for you to feel better. These drugs are nevertheless only treatment of the colon inflammation, and it can provide you relief eventually.

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    Steroids Prescription

    Sometimes doctors also prescribe steroids to patients called corticosteroids for treatment of colitis. However, you should avoid use of any other steroids without consulting your doctor. This can cause more damage to your body than providing any relief from colitis. So do not take steroids without advice from your doctor.

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    Immunosuppressants are also prescribed by doctors for treatment of colitis, but their use is recommended only in severe conditions, especially if colitis ulceration gets infected and the person gets diarrhea. The drug is also recommended if colitis infection causes release of pus, and the person does not get relief through use of other drugs.

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    Natural Treatments

    You can also try many home remedies to treat colitis, but only if it is not severe. In case of severe condition, it is better to check your doctor without letting too much time lapsed on getting the home treatments. Also make sure you are not allergic to certain home or herbal products, it can also aggravate your problem.

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