What Is Domain Registration And Web Hosting

Domain registration and web hosting are the most important things to run your website. If you have any kind of business and you want to create a website, you must complete these two things to get things on track. In order to run a website, you will be required to choose a name that is usually called domain name. It is often observed that people do not find the desired domain name for their website as it is taken by someone else. In contrast, web hosting is necessary to run your website.


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    Check the availability

    It is of considerable importance that you check the availability of your desired domain name. It is strongly advised that you must not keep your mind to single option only but you should think of couple of options as this will save your time. After you have prepared a list of couple of names, only then you must check the availability of your desired name. For this, you must open your web browser and search for the website that offers these services. They will allow you to confirm the availability of the desired domain name.

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    Register the domain name

    After you have checked the availability of the desired domain name, you must run a search on your web browser to find service provider that will help you register the name. For this, you can seek help from friends or read reviews over the internet. After you have chosen the service provider, you must go to its website and confirm the charges you have to pay to buy the domain name. You can make the payment through credit or debit card. Remember that it is of utmost importance that you do not waste any time and register the domain name as soon as possible.

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    Web hosting

    After you have registered our domain name and have chosen a suitable extension for it, you must now hurry up for availing the web hosting services. A web hosting is a service, where the host connects your website to his/her server and you are allowed to work on it or connect your website to other URLs. It is of considerable importance that you choose a reasonable web hosting service provider, as you do not want your website to be hacked and lost forever. Therefore, you should choose web hosting services from an experienced organisation.

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