What Is DPI Certification

DPI is the acronym of the Department of Public instruction. DPI is a state-run entity that oversees and works for public education and libraries in Wisconsin. DPI has been working to foster education in the region since its inception and has done a great job in establishing libraries all across Wisconsin.

The Department runs several educational programs for kids who, due to multiple reasons, cannot continue their education and need some support. State superintendent of public instruction heads the DPI. Election of the State Superintendent is conducted every four years.

The department issues certifications to those wishing to work as educators for DPI and contribute to the society.


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    DPI has been around for a long time now and is working to improve career opportunities to every child in the state. There are lots of opportunities for educators as well. If you get a DPI certification, you can find several good opportunities to teach the children and give back to the society.

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    The National Board Certification, which is also an initiative of the DPI, allows educators to make their contribution to the education. If you have never been a teacher before, you will need to get a certification issued by National Board For Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

    There are very tough standards for educators, and complying with them is the key to getting a chance to teach at schools. Usually, the certification helps you find teaching opportunities at North Carolina schools. The whole purpose of the DPI-offered NBPTS certification is help train educators who can then provide improved education in the region.

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    Quality of teaching is the main focus of DPI certification. The certification standards are typically set high with the sole intention to pick teachers who are capable of grooming students. The certification also helps teachers produce goal-oriented students in the every school of the region.

    It has been observed that most of the schools in the United States (mostly state-run) have not been paying enough attention to quality teaching, which has also led the DPI to toughen up and introduce stiffer standards to make things better in education sector.

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    Teachers who have long been complaining of less opportunities, find the DPI initiative very helpful and rewarding. Educators are usually concerned about their professional growth as well as progress of the students.

    The DPI certification is designed to train teachers in a way that they are able to groom themselves with the passage of time, and also train students keeping in view the latest teaching trends and techniques.

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