What Is Hand Colored Engraving

Hand colored engraving is one of the few arts involving precision. It is a method of digging into a wood, gemstone and other materials such as metal to create different designs. They can be pictures of some sort, a portrait or a gravestone with details of the person buried underneath the soil. The simple hand engraving is the only method that is plied while creating any sort of art work and adding different colors hones the beauty of the artwork. This is one of the oldest forms of arts, practiced all over the world centuries ago.


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    As it implies, the hand engraving is a method of engraving that is done with hands with use of a small hammer and chisel, push technique and pneumatic engraving. These are the tools that have been in use almost since the art of engraving was discovered.

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    The modern engraving techniques are different from hand engravings in a way that they use advanced tools, which has added new dimensions to the art of engraving and has made it more creative and colorful, but this has not affected the popularity of hand engraving..

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    The art of hand engraving is most popular with stone work. It is particularly and freely used to engrave gravestones to inscribe a brief profile of dead persons, especially their birth and death dates and age. However, with innovation in marble stone industry it has also been used in designing different show pieces. The art has also been popular on the pots.

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    Hand engraving art work is done on wood, stones and other materials such as metals. Although it is possible on all materials, some of the materials are difficult to engrave. For them, the use of advanced tools is more effective, especially those which are powered through electricity.

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    A person who has the skills for engraving different designs on any sort of material is able to craft or dig very precise designs. Sometimes they are as minute as a millimeter but this does not affect the level of perfection with which they do their job.

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    Traditionally, designs created by the engravers are inspired by nature. For example, flowers, trees and even human beings. Now this art has been extended to almost all sorts of designs, although nature remains central theme of a majority of artwork. An added element of creativity is always there.

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