What Is Medical Injection Molding

Medication injection molding is a method used in creation of silicone or plastic tools for use in medical procedures. This is a sort of industrial standard applied only for manufacturing tools made out of plastic for medical use only. The standard is different from ordinary plastic molding because of the involvement of medical sciences. The tools made out by using the medical injection molding also include certain body parts that are replaced in the human bodies in case original parts are damaged or lost. The industrial practice in the medical manufacturing is in place for years.


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    Medical injection molding is an industrial standard or method for manufacturing of tools of plastic or silicone material to be used in medical procedures. They are different from ordinary injection molding that is used in the plastic industry.

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    Medical injection molding is also applied in manufacturing plastic and silicone body parts that are replaced in the human bodies in case original parts are damaged. The method or standard covers both the material used and manufacturing process itself.

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    The standard is in use for years and all industries that supply the tools made out of plastic for medical use have to implement these standards. They can be subjected to heavy fines and even cancellation of their manufacturing license on their violations.

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    There is a continuous improvement in these standards, as the technology develops itself and more research is done in the field of medical sciences. Nowadays more and more advanced tools are developed that facilitate the medical procedures.

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    The medical injection molding's parts have to be completely sterilized and working conditions should  meet all health and safety standards. These tools are always operated by experts, who are mainly researchers in their field and the process also leads to development of more and more tools.

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    The medical injection molding also allows manufacturing of parts of medical tools which essentially are made of steel or any other material. They have extended use with those tools and add value to researchers' work. Since manufacturing of plastic tools is easy researchers can develop any type of tool that can facilitate their work.

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    The medical injection molding has even allowed to manufacturing of human body limbs completely made out of plastic. They effectively replace original limbs which are no more there because of some accident or for any illness. These tools have completely enabled researchers to find perfect matches of original limbs, which are equally good in functioning.

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