What Is Urea And How Is It Formed

Urea is also known as carbamide. It is organic in nature and used in many chemicals and some products which we use as well.

Urea is primarily used in the metabolism of compound which contain nitrogen.  This mostly happens in animals and hence it is a primary part of the urine that mammals produce as a by-product. Urea is basically a colourless and odourless thing, however with the introduction of ammonia in it, it tends to give off a pungent smell, when water is also present.

Urea is present in the body as it is used in many crucial steps and processes. At the same time the fertilizer industry has also seen its potential and are using it to produce fertilizers which really help your crops develop and grow, as they give you the best possible outcomes in the end.


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    Urea is formed naturally in animals, as the liver develops it from all the waste materials that are present. The nitrogen is taken in the form of amino groups, and then a molecule of carbon dioxide goes on and bonds with ornithine. Enzymes then go on and take apart all the urea that they need to use after this part, as the rest isn’t as important in the formation of urea. The ornithine then comes apart as well and helps to synthesize and develop the urea molecule.

    After this is done, blood helps carry the urea through the body, primarily from the liver to the other parts. The kidneys play an important role here as they help filter out most of the excess urea. They then go on and let you get rid of this excess urea in the form of urine, when you go to the bathroom.

    However, some small amounts of urea also leave your body in the form of sweat, which is something that most people generally don’t tend to know.

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    Urea is used in many various activities. However, it is primarily used in fertilizers, in order to help the plants get the best that they possibly can.

    However, it is also used to make animal feed and some other products, which we use on a day to day basis as well.

    Urea can be obtained from waste products of mammals, or can be organically created in a lab. Either way, it is safe to say that urea is a very important part of our lives.

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