What this guy did to Get rid of Fall Leaves will shock you

What this guy did to Get rid of Fall Leaves will shock you, make sure you children don’t try this

Fall is here and with it, comes the clean up.  The normal person does it normally or calls in help.  This guy decided to do it a different way and to save time he came up with a brilliant idea or at least he thought it was a great idea.  What he did will amaze you, some people go to great lengths to save time and run away from common sense. Did he get rid of the leaves, yes but would i recommend you doing the same, No way.




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    Get rid of Fall Leaves fast

    You are better off raking the leaves yourself or turn it into a family event or a game.  He almost lost his entire shed in the back and could have been more than that.

    When people try to do things like this, they have something missing up there. This guy could have started the fire of London in his town and without would have gone the entire neighbourhood.

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