World Shakespeare Festival in London

The World Shakespeare Festival (WSF) is celebrated in memories of Shakespeare, the world’s most creative playwright. The event is organized by the Royal Shakespeare Company in a unique way in collaboration with the renowned organizations in UK and other international arts organizations. To make it more lively and resplendent, more than 60 partners are joining their hands for this purpose. There will be some ground breaking performances, exhibitions and radical construal of William Shakespeare’s work and is eventually a showcase of innumerable talent around the world. The grandeur of the event can be gauged by the fact that over 1 million tickets are expected to be sold. The event is organized in different cities of UK that include London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Newcastle/Gates head, Birmingham, Wales and Scotland.

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    For the first time ever, the organizations like Tate Modern, National Theatre, the British museum, British Council and the Royal Shakespeare Company make collaboration to bring the showcase of talent from around the world. The festival comprises of huge amount of students and teachers not only from UK but also from 7 other countries (USA, South Africa, India, Oman, Brazil, Czech Republic and Hong Kong).

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    There are plenty of events, exhibitions and also featuring 70 productions, in which thousands of artists from across the world are participating. The festival is the best place where young people can show their talent and creativity and make the best use of it. The idea behind is to attract the biggest audiences around the world to see the extraordinary revels and seminal contribution of Shakespeare’s work. Besides, there are educational conferences, seminars, workshops and training's for students and teachers. This is an excellent podium, where there is a constructive interaction between students and teachers.

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    Important dates:

    The event will start on 23rd April and go on till November 2012.

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    The festival will continue for more than 6 months.

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    How to contact:

    For general enquires related to press, utilize the information sited below.

    Director of Communications: Liz Thompson
    Associate Director: Deborah Shaw
    Telephone: +441789 412667

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    For advance booking and ticket related issues, you can contact by phone or email. The hotline opens in between 10 am and 6 pm from Monday onward till Saturday.

    Ticket Hotline: +44 844 800 1110

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    The festival will take place on plenty of places in London city.

    Roundhouse, Shakespeare globe, National Theatre, Almeida Theatre, Barbican, Lift at the Riverside Studios, Stratford Circus, British Museum, Noel Coward and Royal Opera House.

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