A Travel Guide to Niagara Falls, Canada

So you’ve decided to take a trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada? Good choice. Niagara Falls, Ontario hosts over 14 million visitors a year. Niagara Falls is nature at it’s finest. You won’t be disappointed. Let’s discuss some of the things to do while there. They don’t all involve water. The area will make sure you don’t get bored. Read on.

Where To Stay

What’s your budget like? Don’t be too scared. There are plenty of accommodations to fit every budget. So you want to go all out and get a luxurious 5 star hotel with a room overlooking the falls? You have a few choices. Among them are the following…

The Renaissance Fallsview Hotel (www.renaissancefallsview.com). You can call them for reservations at 1-800-363-3255.

The Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel (www.fallsviewcasinoresort.com). You can call them at 1-888-325-5788 to make reservations.

Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview & Spa. You can call them to make reservations at 1-888-501-8916.

The Hilton Niagara Falls Fallsview. (www.niagarafallshilton.com). Give them a call at 1-888-370-0700.

Now if your budget doesn’t allow for such a pampering, fear not. There are many Hotels that aren’t bad at all and are decently priced. You’ll likely have to sacrifice a view of the falls from your room but most of these places are a short scenic walk to the falls. Some of them include…

The Days Inn – Fallsview District (www.daysinnniagarafalls.com). You can give them a call at 1-800-263-2522 to make a reservation.

Super 8 Hotel Niagara Falls. (www.niagarafallssuper8.com). Make a reservation online or by calling 1-888-442-6095

Best Western Cairn Croft Hotel (www.cairncroft.com). You can reach them by calling 1-800-263-2551

Aston Michael’s Inn by the Falls (www.michaelsinn.com). Give them a call at 1-800-263-9390.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfasts offer and nice “home” feeling. Many of these Bed & Breakfasts date back to the early 1900s and mid 1800s. They are very relaxing and quaint. You’ll love them. A few of the choices include…

Andrea’s Bed & Breakfast. (www.andreasbedandbreakfast.com). You can call Andrea at 1-905-374-4776 to make reservations.

Villa Alexandrea Bed & Breakfast (www.villa-alexandrea.com). Give them a call at 1-905-374-2803 to make a reservation.

Strathaird Bed & Breakfast (www.strathairdinn.com) To make reservations, call 1-905-358-3421.

Park Place Bed and Breakfast (www.parkplaceniagara.com). Give them a call and make a reservation at 1-905-358-0279

Now between all of these, I’m certain that you’ll be able to find a pleasing atmosphere to suite your budget.

Now that you re nestled in your room and unpacked, it’s time to wonder out and take a gander at beautiful Niagara Falls.

Parking can be a task down near the falls but fear not. Most hotels and Bed and Breakfasts are within a scenic walk to the falls but if you’d rather not walk, there is also a Niagara shuttle that makes regular rounds. You can get their schedule from any of the places you’ll be staying.

Once you reach the falls, you’ll find plenty of places where you can get great views. A steel railing will keep you safe from falling into the water. Want a close up look at the falls? You can actually take a guided walk BEHIND the falls. (rain Pancho’s are provided) How about a steam boat ride in front and close up to the falls. Take a ride on the “Maid Of The Mist” steamboat. (www.maidofthemist.com).

If you’re a history buff and interested in the History of Niagara Falls, Ontario, check out “Willoughby Historical Museum (www.niagarafallsmuseum.ca). How about a lovely walk through the beauty and aroma of the Niagara Parks Botanical Nature Gardens?(www.niagaraparks.com)

OK by now the kids are bored stiff I’m sure. But there are plenty of things that you and your children can enjoy together. How about The Criminals Hall Of Fame Wax Museum? (www.criminalshalloffame.com). Want a bit of competition? The Dinosaur Park Mini Golf Course is very fun. You’ll may hear a roar while putting that could distract you a bit. (making the game a bit more challenging). Cool off in the Fallsview Indoor Water-park located right on Falls Ave. Check out Clifton Hill. On that street just SOME of the fun things that you’ll find are “The Haunted House”, “The Guinness Museum Of World Records”, “The Great Canadian Midway” “The House Of Frankenstein”, and the “MGM Studio Experience”. That’s not all. You’ll find plenty more.


If you’re visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario that means that you’re in Canada. The exchange rate compared to the US dollar for Canadian money is currently 1 US dollar will equal 1.10571 Canadian dollars but will change a bit here and there. Most shops and stores in Niagara Falls, Ontario will take US money however, they may not have much on hand so you may get given Canadian money for change. Just to be safe though, ask the cashier if they accept USA money BEFORE they ring it up.


If you’re the gutsy type and are taking into consideration going over the falls in a barrel, air tight chamber or whatever, forget about it. Many have tried this over the years, few have survived to tell the tale. In the last 20 years or so, the lucky ones who made it out alive were met with the Canadian or New York Police and severely fined. It’s not worth the risk.

Niagara has everything for the young and old. You’ll find the most difficult part about visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario will be when you leave. So book your flight, rent you a car, make your reservations and pack your bags. Niagara Falls is waiting for you!


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