Back to School Makeup Tips

You spent the entire summer working on your tan and your figure. You look great and you want to show off your looks for the new school year. You want to make a big impression for your first day. You have all the clothes, but have you considered your makeup? If not, it’s time to learn some back to school makeup tips that will compliment your outfits and your skin tone and help you play up your best features.

There is an art to makeup and between all the products and different colors out there, it can be confusing and overwhelming unless you know what to look for. Not to mention following the trends. How do you follow the trends and find the best back to school makeup tips for your look?

Your colors. The key to learning your new back to school makeup tips is to understand what actually looks good on you. You can contact a professional to help or do a lot of experimenting. I personally prefer to experiment. Find a comprehensive makeup kit with a variety of blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick colors so you can play.

These kits are great because they come with everything you need and are relatively inexpensive depending on the brand. Don’t worry too much about quality- you just want a kit that will give you an idea of what looks good on you. Once you find the colors and combinations you like, you can go out and buy higher quality products.

Create a base. Your back to school makeup routine starts with good skin. Take care of your skin by washing and moisturizing it twice a day. Also drink plenty of water. Healthy skin enhances your best features.

After you cleanse and moisturize, it is time to apply some foundation. They come in different formulas such as cream or powder. Find one that compliments your skin tone and works with your skin type. You may also want to find a good concealer that will help you cover up any blemishes or under eye circles.

Add color. This step may seem vague because really, your next step for your back to school makeup routine is to add the color. You’ll want something on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. You will understand exactly what you should do after you experiment. Find a variety of looks that will go with different outfits and moods. It is also fun getting a makeover from a department store or you can hire a professional. This is a great way to learn new techniques and the trends. You can also browse fashion magazines to help get ideas.

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