How to Make Hand Milled Soap

Are you an art and craft enthusiast and want to create something rewarding and beneficial to your craft collection? This simple activity to make Hand Milled Soap, also referred as Cold-pressed Soap, is the right choice what you are searching for. It could be a nice surprise for your family as it contains some very useful natural ingredients that are considered effective for skin.

The homemade hand milled soap lathers as like the commercially available soaps. You can use the easily available wide range of soaps mould to give you hand millet soap a nice finishing touch.

Making a Hand Milled Soap in your kitchen is not only easy, but super fun as well. It is so effortless activity that the beginner crafter can perform it smoothly with very minor guidance. Children of high school can consider it as a science fair project to surprise your teachers and parents with a rich and cost-effective Hand Milled Soap within few minutes.

Things Required:

– 7 oz. super fatted lye
– 1 lb. olive oil
– 1 lb. coconut oil
– 1 lb. palm oil
– Water
– Stock pot
– Wooden spoon
– Two candy thermometers
– Measuring pitcher
– Soap moulds – your favourite design
– Thick rubber gloves


  • 1

    Put on thick rubber gloves and mix 7 oz. of super fatted lye and some water in a large measuring pitcher.

  • 2

    Once you mix both ingredients, you will the mixture producing fumes. So place the measuring pitched on a smooth nicely ventilated area, protecting your face.

  • 3

    Now place one of the candy thermometers in the measuring pitcher in order to measure the temperature of the super fatted lye-water mixture. Leave it until the Thermometer’s shows 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.33 Degrees Celsius) reading due to the increase in its temperature.

  • 4

    Until the super fatted lye-water mixture heats up to the desired temperature; grab a large stock pot and pour - 1 lb of olive oil, 1 lb. of coconut oil and 1 lb. of palm oil into it.

  • 5

    Stir well for 2 minutes until all the three oil incorporate well to form a uniform solution.

  • 6

    Set the stock pot over your stove’s medium heat and place the other candy thermometers in it.

  • 7

    Now bring the oil mixture to simmer/boil, stirring occasionally – without disturbing the thermometer. Wait until the thermometer’s temperature reaches 110 °F (43.33 °C).

  • 8

    Remove the stock pot from heat and place aside.

  • 9

    Once the super fatted lye-water mixture’s reaches 110 °F, cautiously and gradually decant it into the oil mixture in the stock pot.

  • 10

    Stir boil this mixture until you observe thick steaks in the solution that is basically called as “tracing.” It shows the consistency of a mixture.

  • 11

    Your Hand Milled Soap mixture is read; carefully pour it into the selected soap moulds and place in a safe place.

  • 12

    Leave the mould for one week until firm thoroughly.

  • 13

    Now remove the Hand Milled Soaps from the mould with great care and enjoy.

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