Caring for Your Pearly Whites

Having a mouth full of pearly-whites (devoid of bad breath, of course) is as hot as a summer glow, and a lot better for you. Take this dentist- approved advice and your teeth will sparkle like you’re one of Hollywood’s finest!

Brush your teeth!
It’s obvious, brushing your teeth is the ultimate way to keep them shiny and clean. To get the most from brushing your teeth, it is recommended that you brush them at least twice a day, for two minutes during each brushing. Try a toothbrush like Dr. Fly’s “Fire Fly” Toothbrush (drugstores) which lights up for 60 seconds at a time to make sure you are getting in your full two minutes. Remember to replace your toothbrush at least once every three months, and also after every time you get sick so you don’t keep reinfecting yourself with the same germs Gross!

Proper technique for brushing:
* Start at one side of your mouth and move in a circular motion to the other side.
* Pay attention to the gumline! This is where plaque likes to hang out. Plaque is the yellow-ish stuff that can lead to cavities and even inflammation of your gums.
* If you feel that you might be missing some spots while brushing, using a disclosing tablet like Sensodyne Disclosing Tablets drugstores) which will turn plaque and other debris a darker color than the rest of your teeth so you will know where you missed.

Want that “fresh-breath” feeling to last longer?
Add 2-3 drops of tree-tree oil to your toothpaste.

Remember: no matter how often you brush, make sure to visit your dentist once every six months for a cleaning & a check-up.

Floss daily!
You hear it all the time, but flossing really is the best way to get rid of that nasty plaque that forms between teeth. But did you know that adding a little bit of toothpaste to your floss will help keep your breath fresher than plain old flossing? Not only that, but you will be able to clean many of those annoying hard-to-reach spots. You could also try Oral B’s Mint-Flavored Satin Dental Floss (drugstores) for an instant fresh breath effect after flossing. If your gums bleed while flossing, don’t worry. Minimal bleeding is normal and usually happens if you do not floss reguarly.

Mouthwash, Mouthwash, Mouthwash!
Using mouthwash should be an essential part of your daily oral hygeine regime. Use a mouthwash that is alcohol-free, as mouthwashes that contain large amounts of alcohol can dry out your mouth, creating the perfect breeding environment for pesky germs, especially those that cause bad breath. Try Oral B Alcohol-Free Mouthwash.

Use a tongue scraper!
Bacteria and plaque don’t just hang out on your teeth, they also like to make a home on your tongue. By using a tongue scraper like, DenTek Tongue Scraper (drugstores) , you can quickly remove plaque from the surface of your tongue. This is another easy way to keep your breath fresh! It is recommended that you do this twice daily.

What else can you do?
* Chew a sugar-free gum after meals if you can’t brush. The production of saliva in your mouth will help to neutralize plaque acid.
* Control the amount of your sugar in your diet! It’s a proven fact that sugary foods are linked to tooth decay. It’s more about how often you eat these foods than how much you eat of them, so make sure to spread out the amount of sugar in your diet. This includes cutting back on those sugary drinks we all love like soda and even some juices.
* Green tea is the best beverage to fight bad breath and improve the health of your gums. Trade in your Diet Coke for a Lipton’s Green Tea.
* Eating citric fruits, lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange, and mandarin are also fabulous ways to fight stinky breath.

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