Saving Money on the Cost of Prescription Medicines

Medicine costs have become outrageous. Depending on what medicine you need, when you hear the price, the shock could leave you in a trance, your mouth dropped to the floor. There is an easier way, and you won’t go broke trying to take care of your medicine needs.

If you take a prescription medicine on a regular basis, you might consider trying an online pharmacy. Many times you can find medicines at a lesser price this way. This is not always the case, so you must be sure to compare prices. Also ordering a generic brand usually will knock a significant amount off the total.

Online pharmacies should confirm your prescription through your doctor before they fill it. By ordering online, your medicine will obviously come through the mail, so you will need to order ahead in plenty of time to avoid running out of any necessary medicines.

Many doctors have samples given to them by pharmaceutical companies. You can ask your doctor for samples of any medications that he might write you a prescription for. Sometimes you can get a month’s supply or even more this way.

This is also an especially good idea if you are trying a new medication out. Before spending possibly hundreds of dollars for a month’s supply of medicine, it’s nice to know that it will work for you, and to know if there are any side affects.

Another way to save money on medicine is to buy only a few pills at a time. Most pharmacies will sell a few pills, rather than a whole bottle full, and will keep your prescription on file until it is filled, usually up to six months or one year. You will want to find out how long each individual pharmacy will keep it ahead of time.

Buying just a few pills at a time is great if you are on a limited budget, if the medicine is rather expensive, if you are unsure if the medicine will work for you, or if you are unsure if you might be allergic to it. Asking for a generic brand usually will help a lot in lowering the price of your prescriptions. Be sure to compare the price of the name brand verses the generic brand before the medicine is filled.

Prescription drug plans can offer substantial savings on medicine costs. While you often pay a co-payment for the medication and perhaps a small monthly fee to be in the plan, these costs are still often much less than the price of just one medication. If a family has regular prescription medications, the savings can be worth the price of the prescrription drug plan.

The cost of medicine doesn’t have to leave you in shock. Maintaining your health is very important, but it should not have to leave you broke. So remember to ask your doctor for samples, ask for generic brands, and do some comparison shopping.

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