Paying for Assisted Living in Memphis, Tennessee

Paying for an assisted living facility in Memphis, Tennessee can be one of the most stressful parts of dealing with an assisted living facility. Prices can vary greatly based on the type of residency you intend to use. Prices will also vary between different assisted living facilities. Most assisted living facilities in Memphis are privately owned, which means priced are not regulated by the state.

The average cost of an assisted living facility in Tennessee can range from as lost as about $1800 to as high as about $3400. These are averages, so you will find prices throughout that range and possibly higher. For the most part residents and their family members pay for the entire cost of the assisted living facility out of their own pockets. Money can come from savings or life insurance policies. If your elderly family member had enough foresight to purchase long term care insurance, you will be in a better financial state. Don’t let these hefty prices scare you off. There are many options for paying for an assisted living. Diligence will pay off.

First, it is important to understand that not all services can be covered by Medicare. Medicare will not pay for any services that residents of an assisted living facility can perform themselves. These are usually basic duties such as bathing and dressing. This is different than a nursing home, where Medicare will pay for these services. So, although most assisted living facilities have requirement that their resident be able to be independent, they will have to charge you some hefty prices if for some reason your family member suffers and an injury or illness that temporarily keeps them from performing these basic functions. Many residents may find that they have to be temporarily moved to a nursing home to help rehabilitate form illness or injury while they are in assisted living. Not only for the help form mediocre, but because they don’t meet the physical requirements set by their assisted living home.

Beyond this basic assistance from Medicare or lack there of, you do have other sources for financial help. Check with your state for recommendations on assisted living options that offer subsidized rentals for senior citizens with minimal incomes. To find this resource you will need to contact the Tennessee Department of Aging in you state. You can find their information online at

Now, in some areas, it is common to negotiate costs with the director of the assisted living facility. Agreeing on a set monthly fee can be helpful to your budget. If they are unwilling to budge on the costs, ask if they offer any assistance programs. In less populated areas assisted living facilities must compete for customers. This can work in your favor. In larger cities though, be prepare to be stuck on a waiting list just to get a room. Larger cities like Atlanta do not need to offer competitive prices to fill their available rooms.

Keeping these payment options in mind here are a few local Memphis assisted living options. If assisted living is what your loved one needs, don’t give up just because of money. Someone is always willing to help in any way they can.

Independent Assisted Living is located at 100 North Main Street, Memphis, Tennessee, 38103. They can be reached at (901) 525-6965.

Lamar Home for the Aged is located at 1986 Lamar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 38114. They can be reached at (901) 276-2775.

Morgan Cares Senior Care Facilities is located at 850 Hanley Street, Memphis, Tennessee, 38111. They can be reached at (901) 327-8160.

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