What is Psoriasis?

When one scratches the skin incessantly, Psoriasis may result. It inflames the skin which becomes red and the periphery of inflammation becomes scales of silvery white dead skin cells. It is non-contagious, but may be inherited. It can occur minimum from red dots to maximum as red legions. It is difficult to imagine as to how a skin disease may affect the bones, but it is true that stiffness of body, joint pain and joint damage may occur due to Psoriasis.

The T white cell in blood that protects the body against infection and disease becomes the cause of Psoriasis because it hastens the activity of other immune responses, which cause inflammation with patches of epidermal itchy cells, and as soon as it happens it obstructs the situation by causing the dead skin cells. Psoriasis worsens at times of stress, climate change and other infections. It can be as a side effect of the medicines for high blood pressure. The situation can get worse in the case of obesity or HIV/AIDS cases.

The infection can be found on the arms, legs, trunk, or scalp or all over the body. Knees and elbows are usually affected. Females develop the plaques earlier than males. Because it is to do with the hormones, it is likely that the women in the reproductive age get easily healed while women belonging to postpartum age group will have difficulty. There is no particular treatment for Psoriasis. One that works for one may be a total failure for the other. Psoriasis causes depression because it can lead to rejection, psychosexual impression as a result one becomes lonely.

Psoriasis Treatments can be used with Dead Sea salts which is an ancient method of treatment. Body toxins that get cleared with Oregon Grape Root Extract and Herbal Detox Tea combinations also motions the liver functions. One can take dietary supplements like Alkyrol Shark Liver Oil for maximum Omega 3 fatty acids for improved immune system.

Home remedies: Exposure to sunlight helps cure many skin infections, so also psoriasis. However, it may be noted that already aggravated kind of the disease may worsen with more exposure. One can keep the body moisturized to prevent skin drying and further aggravation. Strong soaps and detergents should be kept away. One should use coal tar to avoid depositing of plaque that may cause excessive irritation. Cortisone creams is helpful when the inflammation is mild. An ultraviolet B unit at home with the supervision of a doctor may be necessary for a patient who can’t avail photo therapy treatment.

Since Psoriasis is chronic, it should be a long-term treatment with individualized approach towards different social, economical health factors as well as available resources.

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