Steps To Detect Fatigue

Fatigue is a usual complaint, especially after people reach middle age. Fatigue can be the symptom of many illnesses such as heart ailment, arthritis, thyroid disease and anemia that require serious medical attention. Other forms of fatigue however are caused by factors that we might tend to overlook. This article will draw your attention to these factors to better help you diagnose your fatigue.


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    You may think of depression as an expressive illness, but it adds to many physical signs, as well. Fatigue, nuisances, and loss of appetite are among the most collective symptoms. If you feel tired and "down" for more than a weeks, see your doctor.

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    Not enough sleep

    It may look apparent but you could be getting too slight sleep. That can harmfully disturb your attentiveness and health. Adults should get six to seven hours every night.

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    In people with diabetes, unusual high levels of sugar persist in the bloodstream instead of going in to the body's cells, where it would be transformed into energy. The consequence is a body that runs out of steam notwithstanding having sufficient food to eat. If you have tenacious, unsolved fatigue, ask your doctor about being tested for diabetes.

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    Your fatigue can be a sign of desiccation. Whether you're working a desk job or working out, your body needs water to function well and preserve cool. If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated.

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    Not enough fuel

    Eating too little leads to fatigue, but eating the incorrect foods can also be a plight. Consume a sufficient amount of each food group to keep your blood sugar in an acceptable range that will avert that dormant feeling that is associated with a drop in blood sugar.

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    Some people think they're sleeping enough, but sleep apnea gets in the way. It briefly stops your breathing throughout the night. Each interruption wakes you for a moment, but you may not be aware of it

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    Certain prescription medication

    Many prescriptions can add to exhaustion. These include some blood pressure, antihistamines, medicines, diuretics, and other medications. If you start to experience fatigue after starting a new prescription, see your doctor.

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