How To Quit Sugar Intake

Although giving up sugar is one of the paramount things you can do to develop your health, it also one of the most tough things to do. And because most of us have been addicted it since childhood it has become a craving. Making the choice to give up sugar is one of the first step to a long, tough road.

The following four steps are effective techniques to use if you want to succeed in ending your sugar-addiction streak


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    Read the Tag… (On Everything.)

    No matter how harmless you think the food is that you want to purchase- read the tag. Are you thinking about the latest sauce your best friend told you about for the last time? Read the tag. Formula calls for an ingredient you have probably never heard about? Read the tag. Make sure you always, always, always, read the tag on any food you want to buy.

    I know I’m being jobless and reiterating myself a lot, but playing “Tag Investigator” is repetitive trade. Do it until you’re skilled. Do it in anticipation of you reading a label upside-down, in reverse, and with your eyes closed in under ten seconds. (Okay, that’s a little bit of an overstatement… but you get the fact.)

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    Keep A Journal

    When you find yourself doing something that necessitates a lot of willpower, I recommend you record your though with pen and paper. Create a “Quitting Sugar” journal with at least thirteen 16 pages.  Do it in a reverse number so you can see how close you are every day, or better still can do whatever suits you best.

    Try writing in it at least once for each day. When you have a uneven one, write down what troubled you and how you dealt with it. That way when you’re stressed with the need to eat something sugary, you can look back and read just how tough you’ve been aggressive against those desires.

  • 3

    Plan It Out

    You know it will only take 16 days until this infuriating craving release its demise grip on your body. So I recommend that your plan before you start. Jot down every meal you will consume from day one to sixteen and stick to your goals. When purchasing foodstuff-read the labels, make sure you only buy what you on your menu. Disregard the whole kit and caboodle. Remember, you’re just like an improving alcoholic in a suitable store. The object of your cravings is right there, obviously showing and (accessibly) within reach. It’s up to you to fight it. Having a plan will of greater advantage.

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    Remember: it only takes sixteen days

    Sixteen days of no sugar- YES NO SUGAR- and you will no longer crave for it again. Also keep in mind that throughout that sixteens days, you will experiences some extraction symptoms. You’ll be short-tempered, snap at people. Probably, you’ll get to the point where you might eve punch your fried I the kisser for a giggle bar.

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    Therefore my last piece of advice to you is-Find a friend, colleague, relative, or an online stranger who share your ambitions to quit sugar.  Chat with them as much as you can throughout the sixteen days; and keep it positive!

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