How to Give a Head Massage

Did you know there is an art to giving a head massage? When you are looking for a stress reliever or a sense of calm, a head massage can be the answer.

When you are tense and stressed, blood flow to your head is restrained which causes headaches, eyestrain, hair loss, and depression, among other symptoms. For instant relief, get a head massage.

You do not have to be a massage therapist, nor do you need any special equipment or massage oils to give a head massage. Head massages can be done almost anywhere, at home or at work. All you have to have is a comfortable place to lie down or sit and your very own fingers.

Head massages are fast and very practical. Your tensions will ease, stresses will decrease and you will feel energized. Because blood flow is not being constricted to your head, your eyes will relax and have a sparkle again. Your hair will even benefit from a head massage. Releasing tension in the scalp will bring you strong, shiny hair.

Using your fingers and thumb on the pressure points of the head will help you alleviate pain. These are the areas used in acupuncture to help you achieve pain relief. To clear out congestion in your sinus cavity, apply pressure to the dimple at the inner end of your eyebrow directly above the corner of your eye. For nasal congestion, press in the dimples beside your nose, one finger width away from each nostril. For temple headaches, press in the hollow of the temples, a finger width beyond the outer end of the eyebrow. Eye pain can be relieved by pressing in the hollow on top of the eyebrows one finger’s width above the pupil.

Begin by burning some aromatherapy oil to create a soothing atmosphere. To start your head massage, use the pads of your fingers in a circular motion as when you are shampooing your hair. Cover the whole head several times in this manner. Grab big chunks of hair in your hand, and with your knuckles touching the scalp, tug gently on the hair and let go. Repeat this step over the entire head. Now with the pads of your thumbs and using your fingers to steady the head, press and release gently over the forehead. With your thumbs, stroke across the forehead from the center out. Find the dimples behind your ear and apply pressure for about 5 seconds. Do this three times. Lift the head slightly and gently roll the head and neck toward one shoulder and hold for one second. Release and repeat toward the other shoulder. Put both hands in a cup-shape under the neck and lift the head from the surface allowing the neck to stretch for a few moments. To finish the head massage, apply gentle firm pressure on the base of the skull with your fingers.

Giving a head massage only takes 10 minutes and a comfortable relaxing workspace. Reward yourself or your partner today.

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