My sister suffered and still suffers from endometriosis ever since the birth of her second child. The pain grew intensively throughout the years and eventually she had to get a partial hysterectomy. She still suffers from the condition but the pain is much less intense. Endometriosis is a condition that happens to women of reproductive age group where the tissue lining of the uterus (called endometricum) grows everywhere around the reproductive system, into the pelvic area, outside the uterus, around the ovaries, around the bowels or around the bladder. The misplaced tissue can show up in various other parts of the body as well, including the arm, lungs, and thigh.

The reason is impossible to ascertain, but grows to become a tumor or implant which usually are not cancerous. But this can cause moderate to severe pain and results in infertility along with and heavy periods due to shedding of the thickening of the uterus and also because of the shedding of the outer growth. But that blood can not leave her body and scar tissues will result also the intestines and bladder also start to bleed resulting in a precarious situation to her life.

Pain is the common symptom of endometriosis though there might be no pain in some women with large inflammation. Women may face menstrual cramps, prolonged and excessive bleeding, pelvic pain with lower back pain, pain during or after sex, painful stomach and pain when urinating and during bowel movements, spotting between periods and barrenness. Women are fatigued easily. The cause of the condition is not exactly determined. Some of the menstrual tissues that get implanted on the fallopian tubes and these grow. Women with immune system disorders also can develop the condition. Apart from the pain as discussed above, the women are more likely to have asthma, allergies, and the skin condition eczema. Researchers are looking into endocrinal disorder and other secretions. Women with mild symptoms can be put under pain medication. For women who want to become pregnant should have six moths of unprotected sex. If there is no result, then she has to undergo further treatment. When hormonal secretion is nominal, one can have more of it along with the birth control pills which control the growth of the tissues. These pills may cause weight gain.

Women under Danocrine treatment can get oily skin, pimples an acne, muscle cramps, headache, dizziness, reduction in breast size etc. There should not be any pregnancy during which the treatment is on because it can affect the baby growing in the uterus. There is an injection of GnRH agonists, which prevents the hormone secretion that causes menstruation. When there is no menstruation, endometriosis is reduced or wiped out. Laparoscopy is one surgical treatment that helps diagnosis and removal of the growing tissues. This way the recovery is faster than the major surgery like laparotomy. Balancing between the two will take a lot of discipline and it should keep the woman healthy and happy. The variety of emotions that accompanies the condition is sadness, loneliness and frustration that the condition has no cure. Talking with family, friends and the doctor would help. In some severe cases, a partial hysterectomy may be performed but women should consult with more than one doctor to see if this is necessary.

Many women seek surgery and will even consider a hysterectomy to alleviate the severe pain and discomfort that occurs with the disease allowing them to have somewhat of a normal life.

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