Cat Litter Box Furniture: The Ultimate Solution for the Cat Litter Box Problem

Many cat owners usually share a common problem, the cat litter box. Cat owners will go out of their way to find the perfect cat litter to use, to ensure that there is no obvious odors, and by trying a variety of litters until they find the right one that eliminates and doesn’t give away nuisance odors to indicate that a cat or cats live in their home.

Now most people will usually get an ordinary basic cat litter box and place it perhaps in the bathroom, laundry room, or maybe even in their basement. I’ve had cats nearly all my life and it just seemed the most simplistic solution was to place the cat litter pan in the bathroom. This allowed for ease of cleaning of the pan, and one could throw the cat’s waste into the toilet.

But what happens if your bathroom is too small, or you live in an apartment and you just don’t have a laundry room or basement, to store a litter pan? Or, what if you have more than one cat, that is, perhaps you have several cats, and one pan isn’t sufficient? The idea of putting cat pans all over one’s apartment, can prove rather embarrassing, especially if one has guests over and they can see cat pans all over the place.

In 1996, Richard and Sandra Richley filed for a patent for their idea of the first Cat Litter Cabinet and on May 12, 1998, an official patent was granted to them.(1) The idea that they came up with was a basic design of a cabinet that looked like regular wood furniture and would blend in with the other furniture of their home. However, this wasn’t any ordinary “cabinet” for, concealed and contained within the cabinet was a litter pan. The cabinet had a front door, so that the cat owner could open it, to remove the cat litter pan for cleaning, and also had another door, usually at the side of the cabinet, allowing a cat access into the cabinet and thus to use the pan. Their idea and invention was the start of a whole new revolution on dealing with the cat litter box problem. One just has to type in the words “cat litter box furniture” now, and one will be amazed at the variety of such cabinets, from the most simplistic types of cabinets, to the truly beautifully ornate.

Perhaps one of the most popular and biggest cat litter box furniture sellers on the internet is that of Hidy Tidy, in which Barbara and Dave Cartun designed and patented their own version of the Cat Litter Box Cabinet. The difference with their cabinets, is that all models have two, rather than just one entry door for the cat. The one door, is for the cat to enter the cabinet on one side of the cabinet, while another door on the other end is the “exit” door to allow and make the cat inside the cabinet not have that “trapped” feeling. It was also designed for the cat’s comfort and ease, so the cat doesn’t have to turn around and use the same door to exit, it also allows for better ventilation of the interior of the cabinet. Hidy Tidy Cat Litter Box Cabinet Most cabinets range from 27″H x 29″W x 18″ D, while some are higher and/or wider, and are either one or two door cabinets and in a variety of wood color. All cabinets are made of real, solid wood as opposed to particle board. They even offer a custom made stairs for the cat or cats who are older and arthritic and can’t easily jump into the side entry/exit doors. The prices range for these cabinets are from $325.00 to $375.00. Then there are the truly exquisite custom built cabinets that are in the price range of $475.00 to $675.00 range…and it’s one of those things, you’ve got to see it to believe it….These cabinets are usually taller, with an additional top section for storage of the bags of cat litter itself, and can have amazingly beautiful stained glass decorative doors Special Order Hidy Tidy Cat Litter Box Furniture. At the same page that displays these special order cabinets, they also have side by side cabinets for the multi-cat home.

Naturally Hidy Tidy, isn’t the only place one can purchase Cat Litter Box Furniture, and many of these other places that sell these cabinets are lower in their prices, perhaps under $300.00, but are still all made of solid wood, with a variety of wood colors, and all look like regular furniture and can blend in with any decor of one’s home. Also, on The Catbox Website, there is even a cabinet that can store the Electric Littermaid Catbox, which is the automatic catbox cleaner which cleans itself every time a cat uses the pan. LitterMaid Cat Box Cabinet

So if you are a cat owner stuck with the dilemma of not wanting to “advertise” the fact that you have a cat and have that cat litter pan stick out like a sore thumb and maybe create a bit of embarrassment, especially when one has frequent guests visit, you just might consider this wonderful, decorative option and answer to your problem.

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