Freeze Winter by Using Energy Efficient Snowstorm Supplies

Planning for a super snowstorm is the best way to prepare before a major winter blizzard arrives. Take advantage of sales on snowstorm supplies at major retailers and local hardware stores before the winter season begins. Many retailers keep a modest quantity of snowstorm supplies as a back up in their back stock inventory. Store Managers and Assistant Managers can be helpful in locating snowstorm back stock; eliminating excess inventory is a win-win scenario for the consumer and each retail establishment.

Sterno Emergency Candle – The Number One Light Saver

When a power outage occurs, the Sterno emergency candle is the best and cheapest alternative light source. One, 3′ x 6′ Sterno emergency candle burns 60 hours. Sterno emergency candles offer the ultimate non-electricity companion at a reasonable price.

Cooking Security using the Grill during a Power Outage

Saving and managing money when power outages occur during a snowstorm can be challenging. Cooking with charcoal is one of the most affordable ways to prepare meals when there is no electricity available. Wood stoves are costly and bulky; nevertheless, a charcoal grill is economical and safe to use during a power outage and blackout. Even though every resident may have to weather the storm, barbecue food is the best bet to feed a family during times of winter duress. Another great addition to cooking on the grill; meats, vegetables, and breads can be placed in a deep roasting pan and placed back on the grill when the flame is extinguished. Placing a lid on the roasting pan and closing the grill lid will keep food hot for several hours.

Portable Indoor Fireplace and Exterior Comfort

If a power outage last for an extended period, a portable interior fireplace is a safe choice to bring warmth to chilly surroundings. A variety of interior portable fireplaces come designed for indoors and outdoors. One of the more popular indoor/outdoor fireplaces use gel fuel or pillar candles. This unit can warm up a 200 square foot room.

The Simple Storm-friendly Battery Operated Stick Up Light

During a power outage, there is a variety of battery-powered stick on lights. LED stick-on tap lights and an assortment of other battery-powered lights have the capacity to light up an entire home. Every homeowner and resident whom lives within a snowstorm environment need battery-powered lights to secure their lighting needs when a power outage occurs. LED’s energy-efficient lighting last up to 100 hours. Lithium Batteries provide more hours of power; a no brainier during a snowstorm power outage.

Igloo Coolers — the Ultimate Snowstorm Food Saver

A major snowstorm can disrupt power for weeks on end. Refrigerators and freezers cannot keep perishable food items fresh for an extended period. The Igloo Cooler has become one of the most reliable sources to keep food fresh for an extended period. Perishable food items placed in an Igloo Cooler — along with their Max Cold gel packs, keeps food fresh for an extended period. Being able to place an Igloo Cooler outside during a power outage will keep food fresh for an unlimited period.

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