The Best Ways to Get Rid of the Smell of Urine in a Small Bathroom

A new home can be full of surprises, and they are not necessarily good ones. When purchasing a house that was previously owned, you can expect to discover a few problems. The bathroom is at the top of the list. The faucet might leak, the exhaust fan might not work, or the room might have the unmistakable scent of urine. Pets are not the only beings that miss the mark when relieving themselves. People can be the worst animals of all when it comes to cleanliness. Before donning your rubber gloves, consider some of the best ways to get rid of the smell of urine. It is possible to find and eliminate the source of the odor before spending a dime or a moment of your time on cleaning a particularly smelly bathroom.

Buy an Enzyme Cleaner for Pet Odors

The best ways to get rid of the smell of urine or other foul odors caused by people is with products for pets. Choose a stain and odor removal product that contains natural enzymes. They will destroy the odor instead of just covering it up with a stronger fragrance. If it works to eliminate pet odors, it will also get rid of the smell of urine left behind by humans. Use something without enzymes and the odor will remain, but it will be topped by lemons, flowers, vanilla or whatever the fragrant product contains. Read the product label for warnings and usage instructions, and spray the floor and all exterior parts of the toilet bowl. Hopefully the stench will be gone.

Replace the Toilet Seat

No one wants to sniff around a toilet in an attempt to track down the source of a urine smell. Having to clean it at least once a week is bad enough. If an enzyme product for pet odors does not solve the problem, replace the toilet seat. Cheap padded vinyl seats and painted or stained varieties with a worn finish will absorb the odor of urine or anything else that soaks in. If the smell persists, the problem might be much deeper than what you can easily reach.

Consider the Floor beneath the Flooring

New flooring will not solve an odor problem if urine seeped into the wood below. The wood should have been coated with a product that is formulated to seal away the smell. You might be smelling urine stains that are decades old. They cannot be seen, but they can be detected. If you cannot tolerate the odor, you might need to replace the old floorboards as well as the flooring. If you do, be sure to place a fitted rug around the base of the toilet to prevent further problems caused by those who miss the target.

Source: Professional Cleaning Experience

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