Don’t Buy Green Cleaning Products – You Already Own Them!

With the huge emphasis on going “green” these days I thought I’d share a few ways to clean and freshen your house without the use of harsh chemicals. The wonderful thing about these recipes is that you can find the majority of the stuff you need just sitting around your house. No chemicals! This is especially helpful if you are pregnant. The doctors are always telling pregnant ladies to avoid harsh chemicals and fumes associated with cleaning products as they can cause damage to you and your unborn child. So whether you are pregnant, want to be eco-friendly or just want to save a buck (don’t we all!) here are a few favorites.

1. Getting grease out of clothing:
Make a paste out of cornstarch and water. Apply to grease spot. Let dry. The cornstarch absorbs the grease and when it’s dry you just brush away the cornstarch along with the grease.

2. Silver polish:
This one is really easy, there is only one ingredient…toothpaste! Use an old toothbrush and white toothpaste (not the gel) and scrub away the tarnish. Rinse with warm water and dry immediately. You don’t want any residue left on your grandmothers old silver!

3. Spotless dishes:
Instead of shelling out $5 for those spot removers for your dishwasher, add white vinegar to the rinse compartment of your dishwasher. Make sure not to overfill. Spotless!

4. Mildew remover:
Ever find that one item of clothing that got jammed somewhere while wet and when you eventually find it it has that horrible mildew scent, not to mention the stain? Well, wash the fabric in warm soapy water. Then mix up a mixture of two parts salt and one part lemon juice and place it on the mildew stain. Put the article of clothing in the full sun and rinse after several hours. Repeat if stain persists. DO NOT use this on dark clothes. The lemon and sun may have a bleaching effect on the garment.

5. Carpet freshener:
I’ve found that a lot of carpet fresheners are entirely too over-powering in their scent and frankly, make me nauseous. If you want a nice, mild spring scent, mix one cup baking soda thoroughly with half a cup of crushed lavender flowers. Then sprinkle the mix on your carpet and leave for thirty minutes. After that time, vacuum it up and you’re left with a wonderfully scented room. The baking soda absorbs bad smells and the lavender gives you a pleasant one. Just make sure your vacuum has the suction to pick up the lavender flowers or you may be doing more cleaning than intended.

Now that I’ve piqued your interest, feel free to run to the library and take out a few books on home remedies. There’s tons out there and plenty of ways to “clean yourself green”!

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