Christmas Wedding: Incorporating the Holiday Spirit Into Your Wedding

You can greatly ease the stress of wedding planning when you pick a theme. An elegant theme is nothing to be ashamed of, and can add to the charm of your day. Many people like to plan a wedding to coordinate with a holiday that falls near the time of the wedding. Christmas is a beautiful theme because it happens during winter, and the deep colors of winter are elegant as well as gorgeous.

A Christmas themed wedding is not about red and green and garish gold sleigh bells. These suggestions have more to do with class and the other colors that go with Christmas. If red and green is your thing, choose the darker versions: deep burgundy and forest green. Navy blue and silver, however, are also very pretty colors for a Christmas theme. Set up fake (or even real) trees around the area and decorate them with fabric bows in your wedding colors. Plain white lights that do not flash on and off make elegant touches in the Christmas trees.

Poinsettias bought at Walmart make great centerpieces. The small ones are reasonably priced ($4-$5 apiece) and look great. It is also possible to get them in white, and this can be a very festive and elegant decoration. Carnations, gardenias, baby’s breath, orchids, and lilies are all Christmas flowers (in addition to roses). Decorations that include pinecones and berries (arrangements can be found with silver or gold berries) add to the Christmas spirit. Fresh greens can add a lovely smell to the whole ceremony and reception. Use mistletoe for accents in corsages and boutonnieres, or in the bouquets.

A bridal bouquet that includes arranged greens and pinecones can cut down on the cost of flowers. Make use of candles in your wedding colors instead of poinsettias. These go great with pine sprigs and pinecones, or floating. It is possible to get glitter candles that look even more like the holiday season. Simple and tasteful ornaments, placed in threes or fives on the tables can also make good centerpieces, as can little boxes wrapped to look like presents.

For desserts and drinks, use traditional Christmas confections like divinity, fudge, and candy canes (artfully arranged). Hot chocolate in addition to other beverages adds a distinctly Christmas feel. Serve the cocoa in mugs that match your wedding colors, or mugs that have Christmas motifs, and put mini candy canes hanging on the edge of the mug. Eggnog and spiced cider or warm mulled wine are also good choices for drinks. A chocolate fudge cake makes a great Christmas wedding cake. It is also unique and tasty. Or, instead of decorating the cake with flowers, use ornaments. Make a tiered cake to look like a Christmas tree.

There are plenty of ideas to make your Christmas wedding look elegant and cozy. And all without unnecessary gaudiness.

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