Computer Games: How to Improve Your Playing Skills

I use computers a lot for many purposes. In the course of doing my computer based job, I do find a lot of free time of which I have practically nothing to do, and mostly, to kill time, I play computer games or even learn how to play a game.

Interesting games that I have found myself enjoy include car racing, football, chess, scrabble among others. When playing a game, most of the time I find myself disappointment for inability to make it to the next level, and rarely have I managed to reach the final level for the level based games or win against the computer in games such as chess and scrabble. Despite the disappointments, there are many advantages associated with playing computers games.

As said earlier, computer games are good sources of entertainment. There are occasions whereby computer users practically find it difficult to continue with the work they are doing, or, according to the nature of work, they find themselves idle waiting for work to come along. At this moment, one can always play against a computer and feel refreshed.

According to the game being played, practical game playing skills can be adopted. The skills can be learnt a new (personally I learnt how to play chess by use of a computer), or the tricks to win gained. Mathematical mindedness is gained when games involving calculation is played against a computer and timed. This is so because the processing speed for a computer is numerously so fast that thinking and calculating steps are enormously increased. The adaptability of the brain to try and cope with the speed of computer processing enables the player be able to enhance his/her logical thinking capability, and since playing of games such as chess have been shown to increase ones performance in math, the computer can greatly help in this area.

Different people prefer different types of games, and majority prefers the level based games rather than the winning against computer types. With the level based games, accuracy to gamble in between difficult levels is what constitutes achievement and finally winning. These games are very difficult to go through especially with difficulty increasing after every level. But playing them proves to be very interesting and enjoying.

The advantages associated with computer games are limited. The games are addictive and in many instances the player will rarely find himself/herself out of the computer. It is even so for the beginners. Those who indulge in computer games will also be on the top list of those affected by the computer related illnesses. Productivity at work is deemed to reduce for a period of over concentration on the game reduces the mental capacity to think clearly unless a relaxing period is provided. Other people will go to the extent of foregoing their jobs, postponing it until they win a game or reach a set level.

To maximally perform ones duty and reap the benefits of computer games, strong personal principles are necessary. Addictiveness can be overcome by formation of mental guidelines on the extent to which one has to be glued to the computer. Depending on the nature of work, it is also advisable not to just opt for playing.

Addiction should be avoided at all costs, not only does it impair ones capability to deliver at the work place, family relationship or just personal health improvement and maintenance. In fact, due to addiction, deaths have been reported as a result of playing online games. Those who died found themselves playing for up to four days without food and rest periods.

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