Discover Quartz Tiles and Countertops

No matter how much you clean, is your kitchen still lacking that extra bit of pizzazz, that sparkle? Don’t fret, because if it’s sparkle you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it by using quartz tiles or countertops in your kitchen.

Yes, quartz, those same pretty rocks you studied in your ninth-grade earth-science class. Turns out, these rocks have more uses than you may have imagined back then. As the most abundant mineral on the planet after water, quartz can be found all over the world. And now quartz is moving inside, too, as homeowners discover this rock’s natural appeal in tiles and countertops from Direct Buy. Still not sure if quartz is for you? Read on for more about this mineral’s mysterious magic.

Because quartz grows in clusters, not in blocks like granite, it can’t be used in its natural state for tiles or countertops. Each company that manufactures true quartz countertops (meaning that they are made with 93% or more actual quartz) uses the same patented process.

It involves grinding the crystals, then packing them into molds with resin and pigments. The process sounds complicated, but it’s because of this method that the surface won’t crack or let in water or bacteria.

Maintenance is a Breeze with Quartz

One of the major advantages of using quartz from Direct Buy in your home is that maintaining it is almost as easy as taking care of your pet rock! The surface of quartz tiles and countertops is so solid and nonporous that you never have to apply sealer.

They’re also virtually impossible to stain – just clean up spills and debris with a white non-abrasive scrubber or an all-purpose household cleaner. Also, the durable surface will provide a high-gloss shine for years to come.

Under normal cooking conditions, quartz surfaces are heat- and scorch-resistant, but you may want to play it safe by using a trivet for extreme heat exposure.

In recent years, granite countertops have become a must-have in modern, upscale kitchens. But homeowners in the know have begun to discover that quartz tiles and countertops offer the same benefits as granite – and even outperforms it in some aspects!

Quick points to consider:

1. Quartz is actually stronger than granite. (But remember, this means quartz is heavier, too!)

2. In terms of cutting and installing slabs, quartz is easier to handle and not as likely to break or crack.

3. Within a slab, quartz is more likely to have uniform color and pattern than granite, which can vary.

4.Granite requires sealing (and subsequent resealing later), but quartz does not.

5. Quartz is highly resistant to scratches and stains.

Now that you’ve met this magnificent mineral, it’s time to select the perfect tiles or countertops for your home. So quash those qualms about quartz, and give your kitchen the natural sparkle only Mother Earth can provide.

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