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If you are looking for relief from back pain, neck pain, in fact any sort of joint or muscle ache, since pain anywhere in the body can be caused by improper alignment of the vertebrae, a good resource is a chiropractor. Although it is only in recent years that the practice has gained widespread acceptance, millions of people now find relief at the hands of a local chiropractor. But choosing a chiropractor is no different than choosing a general practitioner: a good deal of thought and research are required even before the first visit. In fact, preliminary research is even more important in this case, because while having a first checkup with a doctor and finding you don’t like his bedside manner is unpleasant, a trip to a careless or unqualified chiropractor can leave people with certain conditions in excruciating pain for weeks. I see a chiropractor whenever my pain level is intruding on everyday life, which luckily works out to be about every six months. But even so, I have had enough bad experiences that I know the importance of choosing the right chiropractor to suit one’s personal needs. In the Pullman-Moscow area there are a number of chiropractors, each suited to people with different needs:

My current chiropractor, and the one I would recommend unequivocally to anyone, is Dr. Kenneth Cyr, of the Family Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Cyr is both a chiropractor and a neurologist, so his understanding of nerves and pain pathways is intuitive to the point of wonder. His methods are gentle and revolutionary, without using many of the harsh methods of adjustment traditionally used by chiropractors, he is able to obtain just as good or better results. This modern approach makes him the perfect choice for people who can’t, for whatever reason, tolerate the muscle soreness after a traditional treatment or the abrupt joint movement generally taking place during said treatment. I have never gone in to see Dr. Cyr without experiencing almost immediate relief from backaches, headaches, and nechaches, and many people I have talked to have said the same. Conveniently, his wife is a certified massage therapist, so if you feel the need, you can be adjusted and massaged right there in the same building. Also, for victims of crime or car accidents where third-party billing will take place, another chiropractor there in the clinic accepts third-party cases, and her methods, although I didn’t feel they were as advanced as Dr. Cyr’s, are similar, and she uses some of the same equipment. In particular one piece of equipment I always ask for a turn on is the back flexor, a moving table which gently stretches the lower back muscles and vertebrae. This last treatment works so well, I often imitate its effect as best I can on one of the exercise machines at my gym. The Family Chiropractic Clinic is located in Pullman, at the Pro Mall II, 1256 SE Bishop Blvd Suite N.

Dr. Larry Hammond practices in Moscow. He is a personable fellow with a confident manner that inspires trust and a knack for connecting with people and getting them to relax on the table or in the adjusting seat. However, his methods are old-school and fairly high-impact, making them an impractical choice for anyone unable to tolerate post-treatment pain. In particular, his method of neck adjusting, which he does manually with only his hands supporting the neck vertebrae, may make patients nervous. I went to Dr. Hammond for some time and although I had considerable pain after treatment, I always felt well-adjusted (pun intended). Still, his treatments sometimes felt very rough and left residual pain in the muscles surrounding the spine and neck. When I was going to him, he used the standard table, chair, and bench for adjusting patients.

The clinic where Dr. Hammond practices, Moscow Chiropractic Clinic, does offer acupuncture treatments as well, and “computerized, non-invasive spinal scanning”. It is located at 325 West 3rd in Moscow, ID.
The Center does also offer a discount to the above-65 population.

Haug Chiropractic is another practice that accepts auto and work-related injuries that may involve Medicare, insurance and third-party billing hassles, an important consideration for many people. They have two licensed massage therapists in the office as well, and the two chiropractors, Dr. Robert Haug and Dr. Keli Kepler treat athletic injuries, neck, back and extremities, and chronic pain sufferers. They are located at 102 S. Washington in Moscow, ID.

Pullman’s other main chiropractic center is the Stallcop Chiropractic Clinic, in the Nye professional building on NW Nye in Pullman, WA. They use the internationally recognised Gonstead system, which originated in the UK and has grown to include a wide following. Gonstead chiropractic is particularly effective for sufferers of back injuries involving discs, which may be too painful for conventional treatment, but can still be treated by the right method, thus avoiding costly and invasive surgery. Medicare and diversified insurance plans are accepted at their clinic, and they deal mainly with work and auto injuries.

A number of other chiropractors are available in the Lewiston area as well if you don’t find what you are looking for in any of the above clinics, but those are the four chiropractors available without driving to Lewiston or Clarkston. I haven’t heard of anyone who had complaints after visiting Dr. Cyr, so that is certainly a first stop, but each person will have their own needs and priorities.

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