Washington Out of Touch and Out of Control on Marijuana?

Our President and his disciples have been going around the United States closing businesses. Washington has been using the “war on drugs” campaign slogan as their whip. While hiding behind federal law, pot is illegal.

These closures of businesses that Oregon, California, Washington and Colorado state voters made legal, appear to look as though our government is stopping personal prosperity. Each of these state’s voters decided marijuana shops would be beneficial to their economies and their people.

The first shops were shut down quickly in 1999. As the internet has grown, so have the resources of those who want marijuana legalized. Beginning in 2011 our government began a much more aggressive shut down on marijuana shops in the United States. Lashing out in California first. Washington’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has begun seizing billions in assets, land, homes, stores, while jailing the owners and workers creating criminal histories for everyone just trying to make a living..

Each state was supposed to be able to make money and create jobs. Washington apparently is not ready to allow any states to legalize and utilize the huge profits that come from marijuana sales. They are now moving through Oregon into Washington and Colorado to seize close and arrest those involved. Disregarding each states right to create their own laws.

Why would American’s be so afraid of legalizing drugs? Some tell us here in America that drugs are evil and create crime. Amsterdam and other countries have proof; legalization creates jobs, creates better health habits for users, and creates a new steady reliable renewable source of income.

Marijuana was once grown and harvested in the United States. Those days have long gone away. Where will this legal fight go? Perhaps it is time for Washington to get real and allow these prosperous businesses to grow. Perhaps this is the only way to get rid of our national deficit.

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