Alleviate Your Pet’s Sinus Problems

Your pet needs their nose to get around. They use it to hunt for food, say hello, recognize you and others around them, and a host of other things. Because of all that snooping and sniffing sometimes your pet snorts something they shouldn’t and develops an awful sinus condition. Sinusitis is not serious at all and will usually go away on its own. But it can still be a nuisance with all that sneezing and sniffing. There are ways you can help alleviate your pet’s annoying sinus problems. First, give your pet a hot, steamy meal to clear up blocked sinuses. Of course, don’t make it too hot because your pet wouldn’t eat it anyway. What you do is mix some warm water with his dog food to make it similar to a steaming broth. You can also put his food in the microwave for a couple of minutes to make it nice and warm.

To help alleviate your pet’s sinus problems you can also give them more of their favorite food, especially if they don’t have much of an appetite. For cats, feed them more of their favorite dish, tuna. For dogs, increase their liver, chicken, or beef intake. Some hands on help can include making sure your pet’s nose is clean. Sinus problems often cause your pet’s nose to clog up with a lot of mucus, which will make it difficult for your pet to breath. Dab their nose with a warm, damp cloth to remove mucus buildup before they cause breathing problems. If their nose is already irritated or sore be gently when cleaning their nostrils. Wipe their nose with soft, moisturized cloths with aloe vera or baby wipes.

Another way to alleviate your pet’s sinus problems is to provide enough steam to unclog their nostrils. Steam up the bathroom and let your pet stay in there and soak up the air. Another way to provide some steam is to use a vaporizer. You can also add a pinch of menthol ointment or liquid to the vaporizer, which works as a soothing manner to help clear up sinus problems. You can use either a hot or cold air vaporizer to help alleviate your pet’s sinus problems. Finally, you can purchase sterile saline nose drops, available in drugstores, and put drops into your pet’s nostrils to help alleviate irritation, thin the mucus buildup, and help your pet breath a little easier. Tilt your pet’s head back and put one or two drops in their nostrils.

If your pet has a fever, thick mucus, and seems to be tired all the time, go see your vet.

Following these treatments can help alleviate your pet’s sinus problems and make breathing much easier.

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