Matching Energy and Harmonizing Auras

Each of us is an energy being. Each has a unique signal or vibration that is their own. We identify one another from this signal. It is a subconscious experience that some grow to learn and understand on conscious levels. When we desire to match and harmonize with one or a group, doing so is as easy as matching the person(s) vibration(s). Suddenly, you are collectively harmonizing your auras; and communication, care, and understanding can be experienced with greater clarity.


Harmonizing your aura to another is as simple as asking your energy to do so. Literally, your energy body sends a wave or ripple of energy out from your physical body. The ripple reaches the aura of the person you wish to match and bounces back to your own. As it does, you are able to sample the signal and morph your own to match. You may already be aware that you have been doing this your lifetime, just subconsciously. As a baby, sending a wave out was how you decerned your surrounding environment when you were yet unable to see or crawl around to explore.


I find this very helpful in creating a clear path of communication and emotions between myself and others. The more open I am to their experience, the more I expand my own awareness. In truth, no moment, even shared ones, is ever viewed from exactly the same angle or perspective. The moment has infinite reality and expression. You are looking at it from just one of the angles until you combine and harmonize with others.

Matching is an especially valuable skill when seeking to assist someone who is struggling. The more that you are able to match them the easier it will be for you to sense and feel their reaction and their need in the moment. Remember that a person who is caught up in their own struggle is no longer able to view the issue from an objective stand point. Their aura is clouded with their own emotions and now they are seeing the circumstance from a jaded angle. When you match them from an objective, harmonized point, you will be able to reflect another perspective. In kindness, you now have the opportunity to share your impressions without judgement or investment in the choices which may or may not follow.


We spoke earlier of sending a wave to the person(s) you are desiring to match. Knowing that which is ‘you’ is important in finding the other person(s) in the response wave. This is where taking time to meditate and sense your own energy and being honest about your own emotions is key. It is the difference between your experience and the person you whom you are matching that broadens your own view on reality.


I have utilized matching very strongly on my healing path. Once my aura is harmonized to the person who has accepted my request to offer healing, I am able to feel their physical pain and their emotions. This helps me open and consciously channel through the healing that is needed to resolve the energy block they are experiencing. Light is channeled as an expression of unconditional love with the intent of benefit and resolve for the receiver. As the energy block is cleared in the receiver’s aura, the physical and emotional discomfort can be released. Inlist the will of the person you are reflecting. This can be done by reflecting the nature of the block to the receiver’s conscious mind. Through your own words and objective view, many times the receiver will be able to make a new decision, releasing themselves from struggle.


Harmonizing auras and sharing vibration takes trust on both sides. When someone is willing to match you, it is a gift of their spirit. It is key to be worthy of their respect and trust. Again, resonating from a place of objectivity and heartfelt-positive intent is necessary here. As you match them, they also have opportunity to receive and match your own energy patterns. Be mindful of the emotions you radiate as they too will feel them. This can be amazing when you are radiating love, joy, understanding, acceptance and so many other richly rewarding emotions. Conversely, matching someone when you have lost objectivity due to your own inner struggle opens that same struggle up to the person you are matching. Freewill and choice where known should be consciously abided by.


A valuable tool I have learned through the years as I have matched people is reminding myself to clear afterwards. By clearing, I am referring to instructing my aura to take stock of all signal and energy shared when I match someone. Patterns that are beneficial to me should be imprinted upon my aura as a source to strengthen and guide me in my future. Patterns that are detrimental to me should be released. This is a form of letting go. Suppose you wished to assist someone in a moment who was considering suicide, as example. Obviously, this person will be experiencing extreme emotions, major conflict of self esteem, and unclear perception of their potential. These same patterns can filter as a residue into your own aura. Again, knowing what is you verses another is key in letting go of these patterns. If you are concerned about your own judgement, askGod as you higher power to send a wave through your aura to reset and cleanse your own signal. This is an act of loving yourself.

Allowing yourself to match another is a gift and a lesson. You will find much about your own self as you match another. Be good to yourself and be mindful of the types of people with whom you share your aura. Please remember to be objective and to realize that a person(s) experience or struggle is their own life lesson. If it benefit you and them to match and participate, do so. If it does not benefit, allow them the space to grow and find new levels of self-realization.

I hope that these guidelines and basic tools help you reach greater self-actualization and understanding in future moments.

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