Five Places to Find Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Problem in Portland, Maine

Portland a beautiful city located on the Maine’s seashore, seems so idyllic that one has to wonder how it could be that anyone would have a substance abuse problem here. The waterfront is a true working waterfront with fishermen and tourists commingling along the partially cobblestoned roadways of the Old Port. The children play and the adults scurry around this charming place as though they had no cares. Everywhere you are greeted by friendly faces.

Yet, as with every modern city, one of the things you find among the hustle and bustle is the worry and concern that sends us looking for alternatives. Whether these alternatives are drugs or alcohol, the result is often a habit or addiction that makes our lives even more complex and confusing.

Fortunately, even in this pristine part of the world, there are legions of people who are dedicated to helping us make our way back to a manageable and rewarding life. These are the counselors, therapists, nurses and social workers that make up the back of a complex of resourceful treatment programs and organizations.

For some of us a resolution of out problems can be achieved through an outpatient program. These programs often take the form of either individual or group counseling process. If you or the person you want to recommend a program to has some degree of self will left, this may be the right option. Fortunately, most reputable organizations will start with an assessment to help you determine the right plan of action.

‘Transitions Counseling’ on Pleasant Street is one of the places where outpatient services can be found. It is part of a much larger organization with many locations across the state.

Transitions Counseling Inc
Substance Abuse Services
132 Pleasant Street
Portland, ME 4101
Phone: (207) 828-8089
Intake phone (207) 729-7702

Sweetser is another statewide program where you can find outpatient services. In addition, as a large and very diverse mental health organization it has a plethora of programs to chose from, including residential programs. Working in 70 Maine communities it is a very large and accessable organization. In one area, speaking foreign languages, it stands out from the crowd. In addition to French, a language spoken widely in Maine, it also has skills in Vietnamese (many immigrants after the war), Somali (a result of the protracted war with Ethiopia) and Spanish (part of the wave of new immigrants). They also speak English, though with a strong DownEast accent.

Sweetser is a well known and respected organization for helping people in Maine.
For more information you can call the phone number below.

65 West Commercial Street 2nd Floor
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: (866) 774-4111

If your need for more time away from the pressures and influences of the world, to resolve the issues and make a new life plan, Serenity House may be the place for you. Serenity House offers 30 day programs and halfway house support in addition to other programs. For more information on the programs available contact:

Serenity House Inc
30 Mellen Street
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: (207) 774-2722

An additional service provider, particularly for women, is the Fair Harbor Residence at the YWCA. Given that children and relationships often add a dynamic in overcoming life problems, this could be an excellent choice for a person who is pregnant or leaving an unfriendly relationship. Contact them at the number below to find out how they can assist you.

YWCA Fair Harbor Residence
Substance Abuse Services
555 Cumberland Avenue
Portland ME 4101

(207) 874-1137

Should you be a teenager, Ingraham is an organization that has special long term programs that may be useful. Because of their specific focus on teenagers, they will have a unique insight into the way you are experiencing the pressures that lead to the problems you are experiencing. To contact them and find out how they may help you call or mail:

Ingraham Inc Mainstay
165 Cumberland Avenue
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 842-6890
(207) 874-1055


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