Halloween Costume Ideas

Who will forget the “Friend’s” episode where Ross dressed up as “Spudnick” and nobody got it? Everyone remembers the guy who went overboard with his “cheerleader costume” and later on in life married a guy named Lance. We remember the kid whose family couldn’t afford the good Halloween makeup, so was therefore forced to use cornstarch to turn his/her face white for his/her vampire costume (okay, maybe that was me). Of course, we will always have the memories of the hot girl/hot guy that showed up in next to nothing and made the day worth remembering. In my opinion, Halloween is the coolest, most fun day of the year. It’s a chance to show our true colors, our true creativity, and how much fun we really are. Some of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time are below, and I hope the concepts leave you inspired:

1) One year I dressed as a sack of garbage. I used the grossest possible colors of makeup and clothing colors, and cut holes in a Glad Bag for my arms and legs. Then I filled the bag nearly to the top with newspaper and put a few odds and ends on top. CAUTION: If you copy this costume, one thing I learned; tie the bag at the top! Otherwise, your costume WILL get larger as the night goes on.

2) A fun tried, but true is to dress as a ball of lint. For this exercise you will need some chicken wire, some paper Mache (what’s a great costume without some paper Mache?) and lastly some drier lintâÂ?¦a lot of it. You form a ball with arm and leg holes, and one for your head. Then you glue the lint to the outside of your paper Mache ball and climb in. Voila!

3) If you are going to a party and the host has some outstanding characteristics that will be recognized in an instant by the party goers, (and if the host has a good sense of humor) dress as the host. I once pulled this off effectively enough that when the host opened the door, the first words from his mouth were “F&*^ you!”. I knew I’d struck the right note.

4) Dressing as people who screwed up during the year is always fun. The year that Bill Clinton dipped his cigar in an unorthodox brand of “cognac” (Lewinsky) My significant other and I went as Bill and Monica. (By the way, Cinnamon bun icing makes for very convincing splooge)

5) Going out with buddies? Consider dressing as the sperm swim team. Good times.

6) One of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time was poo-pooed in high school by school officials, and was worn by a black (“African American”) friend of mine. He dressed as a Klansmen. I thought it was hilarious.

Anybody can dress up as a slutty devil, an angel with legs to her neck, a store-bought nightmare that says “I did the minimum.” I say, if you do that you miss the point of how much fun Halloween could be. Remember when we were kids? You could dress as superheroes and pirates in MAY! It didn’t even have to be Halloween. Halloween is that one day of the year that we adults can take part in the fun of being a kid again. Why in the world would you possibly want to do what everyone else did. Sure, you could choose to take on the costume chosen by Christina’s character “Wednesday” in the “Adams Family” and dress like a Serial Killer (they look like everybody else) or you could have a little fun and dress as a fly swatter or a desk, or a hard drive, or some other kooky thing that sets you apart from the crowd. The choice is up to you. In any case, have a safe and happy and fun Halloween.

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