Infomercial Review: Tracing Paper Works Better Than the DigiDraw

The television ads for the Spiderman DigiDraw look deceiving. A happy child sitting at the table easily tracing a picture of Spiderman using their Spiderman DigiDraw. But the reality is that in my opinion, the DigiDraw does not perform as shown in the televsion commercial.

My seven-year-old son received a Spiderman DigiDraw for his birthday last year. It was the gift he most wanted so of course I bought it for him. When he opened his present at his birthday party, I should have caught onto the hints from the other children that the DigiDraw would not perform as we had seen advertised on television. One child even said that his “didn’t work.”

The DigiDraw is basically a plastic holder that holds two plastic inserts upright. One insert reflects a picture (held on by magnets) onto the other insert and the child “traces” the picture onto a sheet of paper placed in the bottom of the holder. The DigiDraw comes with some color sheets of Spiderman to trace and a pack of colored pencils. The DigiDraw looks like it would be a great product to use for tracing but I did not find that to be the case.

The two plastic inserts do not stay in place and constantly fall over causing the child to have to restart the tracing process repeatedly. Also, the magnets do not hold the picture to be traced in place. The whole process is very frustrating – especially to a seven-year-old.

My son now only uses the plastic holder to hold paper in and who knows where the two plastic inserts disappeared to. My recommendation is if your child wants to trace pictures, buy them a pencil and a pack of tracing paper. It works better than the DigiDraw, causes less frustration, and won’t feel like $15 just went down the drain!

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