Homemade Carnival Ideas for Kids

A carnival is a great way for parents and kids to have together. However, carnivals are not always going on in the city that you might be living and that is where a homemade carnival can be done. For birthdays and just all around fun, you can put together a simple homemade carnival that your kids and their friends will enjoy for hours. Also, since your carnival is at home, safety can be monitored at all times to ensure all the kids are having a good time. Your homemade carnival is a great way to have food and games that suit kids of all ages. If you are looking for ways to raise cash for a particular school activity, a homemade carnival is a great way.


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    Arts and Crafts:

    Having different arts and crafts for the kids to do is a great way for them to get their hands dirty and enjoy painting or drawing. Kids love to express themselves with various arts and crafts that they can take home and show off to their parents. It is a good idea to include your kids when designing any arts or crafts activities so that they feel they are a part of the homemade carnival.

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    Prepare Carnival Food and Snacks:

    Food is always important for kids. You will want to make food that is fun and nutritious as well. Hamburgers, hot-dogs and other easy to make items are always liked by kids of all ages. Do not forget to make plenty of different flavoured punch and fruit juices. If possible, try to include your kids input on the types of food and snacks that this will want to eat like brownies, cookies and others. Be sure to include plenty of healthy alternatives to chips and candy as well.

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    Design Simple but Challenging Carnival Games:

    Having simple but challenging carnival games will really add to the mood. Kids love to play games and especially win a nice prize. It is important to make games for kids of all ages and have simple yet decent prizes. The games should be fair and safe to provide a worry-free environment for kids. Having your kids help design different carnival games is a good way to get them active and take part in the homemade carnival.

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    Face-paint and Costumes:

    Face-painting is always a good choice for kids when having a homemade carnival. Be sure to use safe non-toxic paint and have an adult apply it to their faces. Kids love to run around with face paint as it gives them a feeling of freedom and fun. Also, design simple costumes that kids can help make and wear around your homemade carnival. Wands, butterfly wings and t-shirts are all good costumes that kids can help make and wear around your homemade carnival.

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    Parental Supervision:

    Be sure to have plenty of adult supervision to help you with your homemade carnival. This is especially the case if you have a lot of games and activities. Try to keep the amount of kids attending your homemade carnival to a decent number that you can easily handle. Having adult supervision is very important to provide a safe environment for kids to enjoy.

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    Petting Animals and Pony Rides:

    If you have the budget then hiring petting animals like goats or bunnies and having pony  rides is always exciting for kids at your homemade carnival. However, it is very important to have properly trained animal handlers watching out to ensure safety.

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