Inside Tips: Paving Your Way to Stardom

Hallmark puts out many great movies that touch the heart. I was fortunate enough to interview a talented actress who plays a role in the upcoming Hallmark original, “The Christmas Card” starring Ed Asner. So, who is she? Glorinda Marie. The new Hallmark sweetheart!

Paving the Road to Stardom: Who is Glorinda Marie?

Many of you may already know her work as she has played in numerous films as both the lead and supporting actress.

Some people are just born to act, and those who are know it early on.
“I was 6 years old when I started acting. Then, I wrote, directed and of course, starred in my 8th grade play! My dad to this day says he can not take a ‘candid’ picture of me because I always know where the darn camera is. But, I would say I seriously pursued acting as a career since 1995. As a non union actor I played many roles in indie & corporate films, on stage, and also in local commercials. I joined SAG just recently, in March 2006!”

All talented actors and actresses start off somewhere and usually it is not as glamorous as we’d all think. “My first Non Union JobâÂ?¦ It was a non paid student film. My first one was a scene from “Like Water For Chocolate”. (Translated into English) – – My first Union Job was a VISA Int’l 90 second promo AD which aired on International Airline flights around the world. I played a dancing nun!” However, Glorinda was happy because she knew the ball was rolling and more roles would be coming her way no matter what.

Glorinda, being a highly determined woman, went on to play in “Less Miserable” a comedy romp about an indie filmmaker whose sleazy agent tries to bribe a TV film critic for a good review of his movie.

“The hi-jinx are delicious. I adored playing leading lady, ‘Jane Muir’ – the eccentric film critic! But not only was the character fun to play, the script was refreshingly humorous and the production team was like family to me! Still love those guys dearly!!!”

This was a non-union picture as well.

And now, The Hallmark Film (which is union), “A Christmas Card”.

“This is my first ‘professional’ debut performance as a SAG actress! I play, ‘Molly’ the sassy diner waitress. I loved being apart of this family story. It’s quite tender – a Christmas film that people will treasure and perhaps watch over and over again each holiday season. I’m so proud to have been a small part of this sweet treasure of a film. And the peopleâÂ?¦ the actors, the crewâÂ?¦ the entire production team – again – were like family to me! I thrive on that cohesive creative atmosphere. We were led by the amazing Director, Stephen Bridgewater whose credits are quite impressive. He is so awesome to work with as he truly honors the creative process within each individual and creates a relaxed yet professional atmosphere for us to go through the process together. This production was a pleasure and a treat with which to be to be involved. What a wonderful experience for me both as an actor and as a person. I am blessed and I will NEVER forget this exciting experience!” Glorinda proudly states.

Paving the Road to Stardom: The All Important Drive

Those natural born actors and actresses have something inside themselves that always pushes them into the next project no matter the role. Most people think that the life of an actor is a road paved in gold, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are often times where there is no pay at all, and then times where you are paid vastly for your talents. But, the excitement, the enthusiasm deep inside is really the force behind the ‘never give up’ demeanor.

“Passion drives me to act. I believe the ‘lifetimes’ I am allowed to experience by playing so many diverse characters allows me intense empathy and deep understanding which in an ultimate spiritual goal will assist me in the evolution of my soul. It is not only my dream – I just feel passionately driven to do it. Basically, once I decided I wanted to pursue acting as my career âÂ?¦ I just went for it! I enrolled in classes, learned the business and never looked back.”

Paving the Road to Stardom: To Admire and Aspire

Everyone has someone that they look up to where their career is involved, someone they aspire to learn from or be like. It was no different for this talented actress.

“My favorite actors tend to be ones that do both comedy and drama well. Stars like Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Goldie Hawn. And I really admire women like Goldie and Drew Barrymore for starting their own production companies and directing and producing films, too. But Oprah Winfrey offers great inspiration when she can use her stardom for charitable and earth healing causes. My focus now is simply to work and hopefully make a difference by entertaining or helping someone from a film I was in or a character I played. But when that changes into stardom I am certain of the responsibility that comes with that and think Oprah is a highly inspirational person. She was GREAT in “Color Purple” too! That lady is awesome.”

Inside Tips: Glorinda Lays it All Out

Glorinda breaks it down for all those wanting a life in the movie industry.

“There are 3 Golden Rules:
1.) Persistence is the key that will open the door to opportunity. Never give up! That is the primary golden rule. If you really want to be a professional actor and are driven to do so – do it and don’t give up. If you think it is about glamour, money, fameâÂ?¦ – hang it up. (Or have a really, really, really good day job!)
2.) Stay in class and hone your skills and craft. Scene study is vital and Improvisation is a handy dandy tool to practice, I also encourage actors as ‘artists’ to study all kinds of disciplines – writing, dancing, singingâÂ?¦
3.) But Artists need to know how to run their acting career as a business, too. So NETWORK and learn how to do that. Armed with tools, talent and tenacityâÂ?¦ you can’t lose!”

And if you think that the jobs are all about fun and glamour, think again.
“I’m not a morning person and set calls are often crack of dawn. But my passion for what I’m doing provides the shot of adrenalin necessary to propel me forward.”

Inside Tips: Finding an Agent

Every talented actor or actress must have an agent if they want to be successful and Glorinda shares just how difficult landing a reputable agency can be.
“My agents are Joan Spangler and David Silverstein of Look Talent. It took me years to partner with them. I diligently sent in my head shots, resumes and cover letters to all Bay Area agents every 3 to 6 months and no one invited me into their offices. Then one day, a wonderful lady – Nancy Hayes of Hayes Casting helped me and I will always be grateful. She had attended a play I was in called “Tony ‘N Tina’s Wedding” and also I had attended a workshop she was teaching on ‘auditioning’âÂ?¦ Anyway, she had previously called me directly to audition for various projects over a few years time and I booked many of them. So, one day Nancy graciously offered to call Joan and advise her to take a peek at me. Joan called and I performed a monologue for her and shared some clips from my favorite indie film, “Less Miserable”. I was delighted when she agreed to represent!”

The New Hallmark Sweetheart and Her Desire to Help Others Become Successful

Being and actress is hard enough but this woman also has another jobâÂ?¦ she’s an acting coach. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard right she owns her own business where you too can learn how to hone your craft and get ready to break into Hollywood. So, as a professional actress, how does she handle those who come to her that do not have what it takes?

“I would NEVER tell someone that they did not have a prayer in this biz. Of course not everyone is born with raw, sheer talent, but acting is a skill that can be taught and learned. With focus and determination a person could develop these skills – over time. Actually I believe everyone should train when not shooting to keep the skills sharp. Just like dancing or exercise – it is a discipline. Also, learning to run your acting career as a business is also something that can be taught to the aspiring actor. BUT, the almighty “persistence’ of the person them self is going to be the ultimate determining factor that takes them on the journey of their own choosing. Who knows? At the very least their persistence could lead them to a new unexpected new path or journey. I would never dampen anyone’s dreams. Only help them polish their goals and encourage achievement. My acting coach business is called ‘Get Bizzzy’ and I offer private coaching sessions.”

So, if anyone needs a coach to help prepare them for Hollywood, this is the person that can help. Good luck on your journey into the silver screen and remember it takes not only skill to become successful but perhaps more importantly passion. I hope this interview; Inside Tips: Paving your Way to Stardom has been not only entertaining but also informative.

Don’t forget to watch for “The Christmas Card” Directed by Stephen Bridgewater, on the Hallmark channel, there have been some reports that it will also air on CBS during this November and December 2006.

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