How to Become a Criminal Lawyer

If you ask someone who are the two most successful career choices these days, law will surely be one of them while the other most probable answer will be medicine or banking. Becoming a lawyer is challenging but is equally rewarding in the long run. There are many domains to choose within the law and becoming a criminal lawyer is one of the most difficult tasks but offers great rewards.

Criminal law refers to the section of law that deals with social conduct and entails threatening, harming, or in any way endangering the safety of the people. It also includes punishment for offenders violating the code. Criminal law differs from other civil law; the former one deals with punishment and penalties while the latter one deals with resolving disputes.

Once you become criminal lawyer different fields you have to adapt as a career, it includes defending criminals, prosecuting them, or even becoming a judge in the later stage of the career.


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    Decide on becoming a lawyer in the early stage of your academics. Developing habits such as hard work, patience, and good speaking skills at a young age helps a lot if you want a career as a criminal lawyer. Work hard on studies and try to get better than average grades throughout the high school. Participate in mock trials to gauge your public speaking skills. Also take extra courses relating to criminal law offered by your high school.

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    Getting a 4 year graduate degree is a must for getting admission in any law school. Though most law schools do not give differentiate on the majors of the graduate program but it is recommended to choose a program that will help you later in the law studies. Moreover the cut-off GPA for most of law schools is 3.0, so there is no need to enrol in a tough degree program. Take courses related to criminal law to develop background knowledge.

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    Prepare hard for the LSAT (law school admission test) and try to attain a very high score it. Most law schools give more weightage to the LSAT score but your GPA from your last degree matters as well. Don’t apply to each and every law school out there, choose wisely and get admitted in a program which you can afford easily. If you cannot manage finances easily, apply for a loan. Work hard during the law program and pass out with flying colours.  After passing the bar exam you will become a certified criminal lawyer having the licence to start your own practice.

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